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Amex's new service will cover a broad range of restaurants, including exclusive tables at Michelin-starred spots like Eleven Madison Park (pictured) and The French Laundry.

American Express is launching a mobile restaurant booking feature with Michelin-starred hot spots as it competes with Chase Sapphire to court rich mil...

American Express is launching a new OpenTable-like feature for its Platinum cardholders that will allow them to book reservations at thousands of restaurants from their mobile phone. Starting first in the UK, customers will get exclusive access to Michelin-starred spots like Hakkasan.
Chipotle is bringing chorizo back for a limited time.

Chipotle is bringing back a menu item it killed just a year ago, and it shows the chain’s massive evolution

Chipotle is bringing back one of its main meat offerings after removing it from the menu last fall. The limited-time offer shows how Chipotle's approach to its menu has changed with new CEO Brian Niccol at the helm.

Nearly 650 people got sick after eating at Chipotle. Here’s what we know about the culprit, and how to avoid it.

Nearly 650 people got violently ill with severe stomach cramps and diarrhea after eating at a Chipotle restaurant in Powell, Ohio. Health officials say they've found a culprit: a bacteria called Clostridium perfringens. Here's how to avoid it.

A 3 a.m. bankruptcy filing, unpaid millions, and IHOb burgers: Inside the $23 million battle raging within Applebee’s

Applebee's parent company, Dine Brands, and its second-largest franchisee, RMH Holdings, are battling in court, with Dine Brands attempting to take control of dozens of the franchisee's restaurants.
Can you imagine going to a water bar with your friends instead of a traditional pub?

There’s a ‘water bar’ in San Francisco that will pour you shots of fruit water, not booze — take a look inside

Hint, the popular flavored water company, has opened a water bar in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood.

I paid $350 to eat at Noma, the 4-time best restaurant in the world where guests feast on mould, potted plants, and a giant kebab made from vegetables...

Noma and its founder Rene Redzepi have built a culinary dynasty by focusing solely on ingredients from the Scandinavian region, shunning things like olive oil, and focusing instead on foraged ingredients from near the restaurant.
Lobster dishes frequently include some less expensive substitutes.

These popular American foods aren’t always what you think they are

Food fraud is a $50 billion annual industry. Here are eight foods that are commonly faked and marketed fraudulently in the United States.
Oprah Winfrey is now an investor in True Food Kitchen.

Oprah just invested in a health-centric restaurant chain that’s poised to grow across America. See what it’s like to eat there.

Oprah Winfrey just invested in the health-food-centric restaurant chain True Food Kitchen as it plots an expansion across the United States. See what it's like to eat there.

Robots are replacing waiters and delivering fresh seafood right to people’s tables at Alibaba’s high-tech restaurant in Shanghai

Robot.He, the fresh seafood restaurant located in Alibaba's high-tech Hema Supermarket, has a kitchen staff and hosts for a human element, but uses a system of robots, QR codes, and kiosks to serve you a fresh meal straight from the market.
MOD Pizza is the fastest-growing chain in the US.

These 5 restaurant chains are taking over America

These restaurant chains are opening dozens of locations and increasing sales by millions of dollars. If there isn't one in your town yet, there probably will be soon.