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You can upload your resume on your LinkedIn profile and display it for others to download.

How to upload your resume on LinkedIn and display it on your profile

To upload your resume on LinkedIn, you have two options: Auto-generate one or upload a customized resume that you created yourself.

Entry-level workers need more experience than ever to get a job, and it could upend one of the biggest rules about writing a résumé

Some experts are acknowledging the benefits of making your resume longer, and research suggests hiring managers prefer two-page résumés.

482 hiring managers looked at nearly 20,000 résumés and found the classic advice to limit your résumé to one page might be wrong a...

Most résumé coaches say your résumé shouldn't exceed a page, especially if you're an entry-level worker. But new research suggests otherwise.
Include this phrase in your resume to get one step closer to scoring your dream job.

A head recruiter at Amazon says the best résumés are data-based — and there’s an easy formula you can follow

Your résumé is a recruiter's first impression of you during the job search. To impress recruiters like Celeste Joy Diaz, a recruiting manager at Amazon, get into the data when you're talking about your accomplishments.
Avoid this mistake.

A head recruiter at Amazon says the biggest mistake people make on their résumés comes down to their job title

Your résumé is a recruiter's first impression of you during the job search. According to one Amazon recruiter, not explaining your job accomplishments is one key way to alienate recruiters from the outset. So, use hard numbers in your résumé to demonstrate how you succeeded in previous roles.

The 3 key words to use on your résumé to land the interview

Dave Carvajal, the author of "Hire Smart From The Start," explains how to set yourself apart in the competitive job market.

11 ways to update your résumé when you get a new job

As soon as you land a new job, you should update your résumé. TopResume shows us exactly what to do using the real résumé of someone who has a new role at work.

4 easy ways to improve your résumé that sound obvious — but hardly anyone does

Spelling and grammar mistakes on your résumé can be an instant deal-breaker for employers. Here's how résumé coaches recommend you avoid them.

9 résumé mistakes that make you look less qualified, less impressive, and less intelligent than you really are

Résumés with typos and spelling mistakes are often the first to get rejected. Get these common errors off your résumé.

11 résumé mistakes that make hiring managers dismiss you immediately

These résumé mistakes could disqualify you as a job candidate at first glance.