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Get rid of irrelevant work experience on your résumé.

33 things you should remove from your résumé immediately

If you want to make it past the initial test, you need to have some solid qualifications — and the perfect résumé to highlight them.
Mina Chang.

Trump official with dubious résumé appears to have even skipped a 6-day leadership seminar

"Anyone with basic due diligence would have been able to catch this," a former State Department official told Business Insider. "It's insane."
Don't rely on you résumé if you're applying for a job at Basecamp, said Jason Fried, pictured.

A tech CEO explains why he ‘throws résumés out the door’ — but places huge value on the cover letter

Your résumé and credentials are basically irrelevant at Basecamp. Instead, CEO Jason Fried wants to see how you do on a sample work project.

A woman who has reviewed over 50,000 résumés says these are the 7 most annoying mistakes she sees

She says you need to immediately stop including: “References available upon request.”

Want to work at Google? This Singapore-based mentorship service for millennials has already got 5 grads in the door

It boasts a current 100% success rate - but getting mentored into your dream company is not cheap at all.

Some successful people keep a ‘failure résumé’ filled with the jobs they didn’t get and the awards they didn’t win

Some successful people keep failure résumés with sections about the jobs they didn't get, awards they didn't win, and dreams they failed to achieve.
Enhancv found that job seekers have too many skills that aren't wanted by employers, but not enough skills that employers need.

The skills gap in tech is virtually nonexistent — it’s just that job seekers aren’t building the right skills employers need

According to a report form Enhancv, blockchain and junior software developers are underqualified, while Java and .Net developers are overqualified.
Google cofounder and Alphabet president Sergey Brin.

Here’s what Sergey Brin’s resume looked like back in 1996, two years before he cofounded Google

Google cofounder Sergey Brin was pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford two years before Google was born.
No need to list your rock climbing hobby on your resume.

9 managers reveal the resume red flags that keep them from hiring someone

You may be tempted to fluff up your resume with every single job you've had and every class you've ever taken, but recruiters say that's a mistake. Irrelevant hobbies and links to your social media accounts are other things that you should take off your resume right away.
Don't tell your recruiter that you'll be scheduling an interview. (Yes, that's actually a job tip we've seen.)

12 bad and outdated job-hunting tips you should stop believing

There are plenty of job search tips that you might still receive today that are totally old-school — or simply ill-advised. For instance, you don't always need to wear a suit to an interview. In addition, advice like "follow your passion" isn't always the best.