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David’s Bridal could be filing for bankruptcy — and people aren’t sure what to think

David's Bridal recently missed a $270 million loan payment. The wedding retailer may be filing for bankruptcy — and people aren't sure what to think.
Amazon is showing retailers the way forward.

Amazon isn’t necessarily killing brick-and-mortar retail — it could be saving it

As Amazon grows and enters into multiple retail sectors, more traditional brick-and-mortar sellers are suffering losses. While many think Amazon is killing the traditional retail industry, it's not. Rather, it's showing retailers the way forward.
Sears has been losing money and closing stores for years.

Sears, once the largest retailer in the world, has filed for bankruptcy and is closing 142 stores. Here’s how it got there.

Sears, once America's most iconic retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy early Monday. The company says it will close 142 stores before the end of the year and its CEO, Eddie Lampert, will step down.
Toys R Us announced in March that it would close or sell all 735 of its stores in the United States.

These haunting photos of the retail apocalypse reveal a new normal in America as Sears reportedly prepares for bankruptcy

A retail apocalypse is ripping through America, leaving clearance sales and empty malls in its wake. More than 3,800 stores are set to close across the US in 2018, leaving malls emptier than they have been since 2012.

Sears, once the largest retailer in the world, is closing hundreds of stores and reportedly planning to file for bankruptcy. Here’s how it got t...

Sears has reportedly hired advisors to help the company prepare for bankruptcy. It has been losing money and closing stores for years.
REI is closing on Black Friday.

REI’s CEO says that the company’s decision to close on Black Friday helped the retailer survive the retail apocalypse

REI is closing on Black Friday for the fourth year in a row. The company's CEO, Jerry Stritzke, says that closing on Black Friday has helped REI survive the retail apocalypse, as he has "watched more than 200 retailers go out of business" over the last four years.

The retail apocalypse is still in its ‘early innings’ — and thousands more stores will close before it ends

The US still has far more retail space per capita than any other country, which suggests the US is still in the "early innings" of mass store closings, according to a new 50-page report by Cowen and Company.
"Let's not burden a mom, juggling a job and a family, with extra taxes," wrote JCPenney counsel David M. Spooner.

JCPenney warns that Trump’s tariffs will worsen the retail apocalypse

JCPenney's counsel is predicting that the Trump administration's tariffs on Chinese goods will adversely impact the chain's middle class shoppers — and hasten the retail apocalypse.

Target’s CEO just signaled the end of the retail apocalypse

Target just reported its strongest same-store sales numbers in 13 years, and CEO Brian Cornell says strong consumer spending is to thank for that. "We're currently benefiting from a very strong consumer environment — perhaps the strongest I've seen in my career," he said in a call with investors.
Casper's new store has semi-private rooms where customers can trial mattresses.

Mattress startup CEO explains why the company is opening 200 new stores as its competitors close them

Online mattress startup Casper is opening 200 stores in the United States. Meanwhile, Mattress Firm is considering filing for bankruptcy.