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7 tips to help make saving for retirement easier, according to a financial planner

By eliminating a few everyday expenses, you’ll see that putting money aside for retirement is simpler than you may think. Here, a certified financial planner (CFP) shares seven tips to make saving for retirement easier.
Travis Shakespeare produced the documentary Playing with FIRE, about the financial independence and early retirement.

A Hollywood producer spent over a year figuring out why millennials all want to retire early, and the reason should worry the rest of us

Early retirement is picking up steam because younger people are panicking about the future, according to a Hollywood producer who recently filmed a documentary on early retirement. The idea of having control over your life is becoming more attractive.
Parents spend $500 billion on their adult children, according to a Merrill Lynch report.

Forget braces and babysitters: American parents say their children are most expensive when they’re all grown up

Parents collectively spend $500 billion annually on their adult children, according to a Merrill Lynch report. That's twice the amount they save for retirement — but that's not the only financial sacrifice they make.
An early retiree, who retired at age 28 with $2 million saved, shared her best pieces of advice.

My parents grew up poor, but I retired early at 28 with $2 million. Here are the 6 best pieces of advice I can give you about making money.

JP Livingston retired early at age 28 with a nest egg of $2 million. Her entire career before early retirement lasted only seven years. During that time, she learned the ins and outs of planning for financial freedom — here's her best advice to become a multi-millionaire at an early age.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma secretly reduced his control of business licenses before announcing his retirement

Nearly two months before announcing his retirement, Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma curtailed his control of the company's Variable-Interest Entities — which holds the key China business licenses.
$1 million can last retirees 28 years or more in 22 US cities.

22 American cities where $1 million goes the furthest during retirement

It is getting harder to retire with only $1 million saved up. Ten years ago, $1 million had the same buying power of just under $1.2 million. SmartAsset calculated the average cost of living for retirees to see how many years $1 million would last in major cities.
Early retirement can give you new perspective on your desk days. Jason Long is not pictured.

A pharmacist who retired early at 38 after earning $150,000 a year had nightmares of being ‘back at work arguing with morons’

The New York Times recently profiled several people who managed to retire early, in their 30s. One of the people interviewed by the Times, 38-year old former pharmacist Jason Long, retired last year after earning a salary around $150,000 and saving up a $1 million nest egg.
It's often used to say "well done."

There’s a community of people who retire in their 30s and 40s, and they use an obscene inside joke to congratulate each other

Achieving early retirement is easier said than done, but some prospective early retirees need some motivation to get there — and some of that motivation happens to come in the form of an offensive phrase, according to a Reddit community of early retirees.

Millennials are relating so hard to NTUC Income’s viral wedding ad – but it’s not because of the groom’s speech

People related not to the groom’s experience, but being in the opposite situation.
Early retirement isn't about the money.

People retire early for 2 reasons, and neither of them is money

Early retirement isn't about the money, say several early retirees. For many, the value of life during early retirement is priceless  — the happiness it brings doesn't depend on the dollar.