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Brandon, aka the Mad Fientist, is enjoying early retirement.

I retired at 34, moved to Scotland and now travel around the world — here’s how I spend my savings

Brandon, aka the Mad Fientist, a former software developer who achieved early retirement and financial independence at age 34, shares how he spends his money in Edinburgh, Scotland. During a typical month, he and his wife spend about $500 at restaurants, $317 on travel, and $266 on alcohol.
Retirement is nice when you are a millionaire.

One out of every 6 people retire as millionaires — here are 8 things you can do now to make sure you’re one of them

According to a new report from United Income, one out of every six people retires as a millionaire in the US. Matt Fellowes gives advice to help you become rich while you are still working so you can become a millionaire retiree.
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan’s decision to wait until January to retire includes an under-the-radar benefit

House Speaker Paul Ryan's decision to retire in January will have not only a political effect — it will make a big difference for his pension.
Lawyer Dowd exits Manhattan Federal Court after his client, Galleon hedge fund founder Rajaratnam, was found guilty

Former Trump attorney John Dowd called Mueller ‘terrific’ after quitting Trump’s legal team

It seems John Dowd is speaking much more freely after retiring from Trump's legal team.

Here are the ages you financially peak at everything throughout life — from salary to net worth

Your retirement account is most likely to hit $1 million around age 59.

An Obama-era rule that could reshape the massive retirement savings industry may be heading to the Supreme Court

The fiduciary rule, which requires investment advisers to give clients the best advice for retirement, could go in front of the Supreme Court.
Brady reportedly hopes to play into his mid-forties.

Gisele Bundchen is ‘dead serious’ about getting Tom Brady to retire — here are 9 jobs he could tackle when he eventually leaves the ...

Tom Brady will have plenty of options when he retires. Former NFL players pursue a range of fields, from finance to education, after their football careers end.
New Zealand and Australia top the list.

Forget Florida, here are the 24 best places to retire around the world

Affordability, healthcare, weather, and happiness are all factors to consider in a place to retire.
Once you know the questions to ask, finding the answer is easier than you think.

If you’re not asking yourself these 5 questions about money, you might already be screwed

As a certified financial planner, I've seen how hard it is find answers to your money questions. But it's not as hard as you think.