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An Amazon return location at Kohl's.

Amazon returns helped boost Kohl’s traffic a staggering 24%, data shows

Shopper visits to Kohl's lasting longer than 16 minutes rose by roughly 14%, indicating a potential sales lift for Kohl's.
MyVerte is an online marketplace for direct-to-consumer companies.

Companies can now give shoppers an ‘Uber-style rating’ — and block people for too many returns

MyVerte allows companies to give customers an "Uber-style" rating of one to five stars based on their return activity.

All Kohl’s stores are now accepting Amazon returns — here’s how it’ll work and what Kohl’s hopes to win from this conven...

You can now go to your nearby Kohl's store to return items ordered on Amazon. Here's how the free returns program works.
You can make purchases at Amazon's stores — just don't think about returning an order from Amazon.com.

Amazon is slowly growing its fleet of stores — but you can’t return all online purchases there

Amazon operates more than 20 stores under the Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star name. But you can't return all of the items you buy from Amazon there.
You can return items to Amazon Hub Lockers if there’s room inside.

There are only 4 ways to return items purchased on Amazon.com

Returns are inevitable. Luckily, with Amazon you've got a few options to send back your unwanted items.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on stage during Amazon's annual shareholder meeting.

Watch the moment when an Amazon customer tried to return an order directly to Jeff Bezos during a question-and-answer session

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was asked an unusual question at the company's annual shareholders conference on Wednesday. See the full exchange.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

An Amazon customer reportedly tried to return an item directly to Jeff Bezos during a question-and-answer session

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got a surprise request during the company's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, but he took it in stride.
One person returned milk... from Kroger.

Walmart employees share the wildest returns they’ve ever seen

Walmart's return policy sometimes prompts some rather unusual returns and exchanges.
Some Kohl's stores now have Amazon Returns centers.

You can now return Amazon orders for free at all Kohl’s stores — here’s how it works

Anyone can now return eligible Amazon orders at all Kohl's stores. We tested it to see how the service works.

Target employees share the 8 wildest returns they’ve ever seen

Target employees working at the returns desk often encounter some pretty bewildering situations.