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Malaysia’s public sector ‘performs relatively well’ but still lags behind high-income countries: World Bank

In particular, Malaysia's public service lags behind other advanced economies in terms of openness and transparency.

LIVE: Lyft is falling after delivering earnings for the first time as a public company

Lyft's first-quarter earnings report, its first as a public company, comes days before rival Uber is expected to price its own shares.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon.

Here comes Goldman Sachs …

Here is what investors should expect with Goldman Sachs' first-quarter earnings, due out ahead of Monday's opening bell.

Delta Air Lines beats on earnings and guidance

Delta Air Lines reported first-quarter earnings that topped Wall Street expectations, sending shares up 1.67%.
App Annie CEO Ted Krantz

App Annie, one of Silicon Valley’s most popular tools for measuring an app’s success, crosses a $100 million milestone and unveils a produ...

After company culture changes, App Annie crossed $100 million in annual recurring revenue and launched a new product called Mobile Web intelligence.
Dustin Moskovitz

Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz explains how his $1.5 billion startup Asana hit a $100 million milestone

The $1.5 billion startup Asana announced that it has crossed $100 million in annual recurring revenue. CEO Dustin Moskovitz explains how Asana did it.

Nintendo’s recent success highlights a critical risk to the gaming giant’s business

Nintendo's reliance on first-party games and hardware sales is incredibly risky, and the Japanese gaming giant knows it.

How much money is ‘Fortnite’ making? Nearly $2.5 billion in 2018 alone, according to the latest report

"Fortnite" made nearly $2.5 billion in 2018 alone, according to a new report. Being the biggest game in the world has its benefits!
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, which will report its second-quarter results Thursday afternoon.

Amazon’s stock popped 3% after it blew Wall Street away by reporting a record $2.5 billion profit

Amazon reported second-quarter earnings Thursday that far exceed analysts expectations. Investors cheered.