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Many of McDonald's chicken-centric dishes are salads or sandwiches.

I tried every chicken dish at McDonald’s and ranked them from worst to best

As part of an ongoing quest to eat the chain's entire menu, I tasted all of its salads, wraps, tenders, nuggets, and sandwiches that contain chicken.
Inside the Original Cannabis Cafe in Los Angeles, California.

I visited the first cannabis cafe in the US, and found it’s so much more than just a place to get high

America's first-ever legal cannabis cafe opened its doors in West Hollywood, California, in October.
We baked cookies with six different brands of ready-to-bake cookie dough and compared them.

We tried 6 brands of ready-to-bake cookie dough, and the winner was a classic

We tasted desserts made out of dough from Nestle, Pillsbury, Great Value, Annie's Homegrown, Soozie's Doozies, and Sweet Loren's.
I tried Starbucks' new holiday drink, the Irish Cream Cold Brew.

I tried Starbucks’ new Irish Cream Cold Brew, and it’s already my favorite holiday drink

The holiday drink features Starbucks' new Irish cream syrup, along with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and a dusting of cocoa powder on top.
"Big Mack" eating a Big Mac for the first time.

I just ate my first Big Mac at age 30, and I never want to while sober again

My nickname may have always been "Big Mac," but I only just tried my first one — and I still don't get why they're so popular.
"Big Mack" eating a Big Mac for the first time.

I just ate my first Big Mac at age 30. Hopefully it’s the last one I’ll ever have.

My nickname may have always been "Big Mack," but I only just tried my first Big Mac — and I still don't get why they're so popular.
The 2018 MacBook Air in "space gray."

After 1 year with Apple’s latest MacBook Air, I remain convinced it’s worth the high price tag

The first major update to the MacBook Air is really great. Whether it's worth your money is the big question. Great news: It is!
The Pixel 3a is Google's $400 smartphone. (Pictured: Pixel 3a XL model.)

I’ve been using Google’s $400 phone for months, and I’m never going back to phones like the iPhone 11

Google's best smartphone is just $400, and it's a great option for most people — even longtime Apple devotees.
Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith star in "Queen & Slim."

‘Queen & Slim’ is a must-see movie in a crowded theater that will render you speechless by its end

Writer Lena Waithe delivers a timely script on police brutality that will keep you on the edge of your seat after the film's first 10 minutes.
I never thought plant-based meat could compare to the real thing. I was wrong.

I’m a former meat-eater who’s always been skeptical of plant-based ‘meat.’ But after trying meatless burgers from 3 fast-food ...

I compared plant-based burgers at White Castle, Carl's Jr, and Burger King. While Carl's Jr.'s wasn't the meatiest-tasting, it was by far the best.