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A custom-cooked steak on an Amtrak train seemed too good to be true, but it wasn't.

I tried both Amtrak’s new food service and its traditional dining car, and now I understand why people were so upset about the change

Over the course of four days traveling through multiple states, I dined on steak, crab, burgers, omelettes, pancakes, and more.
"Parasite" is a genre-defying movie about two families in South Korea.

‘Parasite’ is a phenomenal thriller movie best seen with absolutely zero context

The latest film from writer-director Bong Joon-Ho is unpredictable and riveting, and a must-see in a crowded theater. Read Insider's full review here.

Beats’ new $300 Solo Pro headphones are terrific, but there’s one drawback I just can’t ignore

Beats released a new pair of wireless headphones, the $300 Solo Pro. They're beautiful headphones that sound great. But wearing them? Not so great.
Regina King as Angela Abar on "Watchmen."

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ is one of the best new shows this year, and stands on its own apart from the original comic books

You don't have read the original story by Alan Moore in order to fall in love with creator Damon Lindelof's new series about superheroes.
The Pixel 3a is Google's $400 smartphone. (Pictured: Pixel 3a XL model.)

I switched to Google’s $400 phone months ago, and I’m never going back to phones like the new iPhone 11

Google's best smartphone is just $400, and it's a great option for most people — even longtime Apple devotees.
No one asked for KFC to add chicken wings to its permanent menu, yet here they are.

We tried the chicken wings that KFC just added to its permanent menu and found them to be a total disappointment

We tried KFC's new chicken wings — available in Nashville Hot, Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and classic varieties — and they were pretty disappointing.
The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in a trio of colorful iterations, and is designed as a handheld-only console.

I spent a week with Nintendo’s new, $200 version of its wildly popular Nintendo Switch — and I’m convinced it’s going to be a ...

A new Nintendo Switch is now available, and it's the least expensive way to jump into Nintendo's best console in years.
"Gemini Man."

‘Gemini Man’ starring Will Smith is an astounding technical achievement with a truly terrible story

Ang Lee's latest movie shot in the incredible sharp 120 frames per second is beautiful to look at but really dull to watch.

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have yet to prove that their 9-part ‘documentary’ is more than just an advertisement

It appears that most of the series will be oriented around the launch of Dawson's own makeup line, rather than about the beauty wars.

The sensors in this $70 curling iron prevent heat loss and hot spots, solving my most common issues with styling tools

The $70 Hot Tools gold curling iron from Ulta is the best styling tool I've found so far because it smooths unwanted frizz and never loses heat.