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New York City has a surplus of penthouse apartments on the market.

New York City has more penthouses available than it can fill — and it suggests a change in the way wealthy people are looking at luxury real est...

For rich New Yorkers, the best views may be losing their allure: New York City has a surplus of penthouses for sale, and brokers cite a shift in buyer attitude.
The baby nurse (not pictured) once had to leave a job after just 48 hours.

A baby nurse who teaches rich Manhattanites’ kids to sleep says she’s booked out a year in advance and rarely gets more than 2 hours of sl...

A baby nurse for rich New York City families says she's booked a year in advance, rarely gets more than two hours of sleep a night, and once quit a job after just 48 hours.
Jeff Bezos earns more than $4 million an hour.

We did the math to calculate exactly how much money billionaires and celebrities like Jeff Bezos and Kylie Jenner make an hour

Some of America's richest people make more money in one hour than others would ever see in their lifetime. From Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg to George Clooney and Kylie Jenner, see how much 16 of the richest billionaires and celebrities in America make an hour.
Rich people are spending millions on racehorses in hopes of making millions.

Forget owning a sports team: Rich people are snapping up race horses for up to $2.4 million, and they’ll probably never get that money back

Rich people spent more than $2 million on baby racehorses, known as yearlings, at the Keeneland September Yearling Sale, hoping their purchases will become money making champions. The investment can yield big returns, but the odds of owning a winning race horse are slim.

16 heirs to some of America’s best-known brands who are poised to inherit millions

America may not have royalty, but it does have plenty of heirs and heiresses set to inherit the thrones, or at least the riches, of the country's biggest brands. From Travis Knight of Nike to Ann Walton Kroenke of Walmart, meet some of America's most notable heirs and heiresses.
There are 32 million millionaires in the US.

What it’s like to be a millionaire in America today

American millionaires lead a life that's hard to fathom for the average American. There are around 32 million millionaires in the US, comprising 7% of the adult population, according to a report by Coldwell Banker and WealthEngine. Here's what their life is like.
Steve Ballmer owns the Los Angeles Clippers.

The 20 richest billionaires who own sports teams

CEOWORLD magazine recently ranked the 20 wealthiest owners of major league sports teams around the world — and some own more than one team. From Steve Ballmer to Robert Kraft, see which billionaires made the list.
Rich kids are touring colleges via luxury jet services.

Rich families are paying up to a year’s tuition at a time to do college tours by private jet

Luxury jet services are flying high school students and their families around the US to tour potential colleges, according to The New York Times. The services can cost as much as $60,000 — nearly three times the price of in-state public college tuition for a year.

After spending 5 years studying millionaires, I’ve found that there are 3 types of people who end up the wealthiest

If you're looking to build wealth, it can be helpful to learn from others' success. Thomas C. Corley studied millionaires for years and identified three ways the richest people become wealthy. Each group shared common habits that helped them become financially successful.
Jeff Bezos made nearly $40 billion in a single year.

The rich keep getting richer — here are the billionaires who made the most billions in a single year

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett keep growing their billions. With a record number of billionaires around the world, we calculated which billionaires made the most money in a year — from $4 billion to $40 billion.