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These billionaires have all been declared broke or bankrupt at one point in their lives.

These 10 billionaires have all gone broke or declared bankruptcy — read the wild stories of how they lost their fortunes

These billionaires were on top of the world before declaring bankruptcy or losing a majority of their money.
Millionaires shouldn't lead with their money on dates.

The most common mistake millionaires make when dating is picking up their date in a Ferrari, according to elite matchmakers

Fancy cars are emblematic of a larger problem — millionaires flaunt their wealth on dates, which can look arrogant and attract the wrong people.
Status symbols vary worldwide.

7 surprising ways the elite are showing off their wealth around the world

Status symbols are shaped by cultural and economic contexts. From the UK to the United Arab Emirates, status symbols range from nannies to falcons.

Foreigners are snapping up real estate on a tiny Mediterranean island to get EU citizenship, and it highlights the significance of 2nd passports as st...

Malta has one of the world's strongest real-estate markets, The Wall Street Journal reported. The draws are plenty: great weather and EU citizenship.
Millionaires show off too much when dating.

The 3 biggest mistakes millionaires make when dating, according to 6 elite matchmakers who help the ultra-wealthy find love

Millionaires aren't immune to dating mistakes — they just look different from the average Joe's, like showing off on dates or acting entitled.
Millionaires are known to fly their dates on private jets.

The era of the private jet is very much alive in the world of millionaire dating, where flying to Paris for a night is a rom-com reality

Millionaires love to take their dates out of the country via private jet — especially to Paris, according to several elite matchmakers.

Dyson’s founder just paid S$74 million for Singapore’s biggest penthouse – but its original price was S$100 million

 James Dyson's new home is Singapore's tallest, largest and most-expensive condominium unit.
Millionaires pick their dates up in yachts or jets, not cars.

From yacht trips to Dubai to charity events with Prince William, 6 elite matchmakers share the wildest dates their millionaire clients have gone on

Millionaire dates are straight out of the pages of a storybook — they love to love to take their dates out of the country via private jet or yacht.
Taylor Swift reportedly has a net worth of more than $300 million.

Taylor Swift is locked in a feud with celebrity manager Scooter Braun over her master recordings. From bicoastal mansions to lavish vacations, see how...

Taylor Swift is mad Scooter Braun bought the label Big Machine and her old music. Swift's net worth is $360 million — see how she spends her fortune.

An entrepreneur who interviewed 21 billionaires says the same 6 habits helped make all of them successful

Billionaires have a disciplined routine — waking up early, exercising, reading, and thinking, Rafael Badziag says in "The Billion Dollar Secret."