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Richard Sherman has been cut as the Seahawks continue their teardown

The Seattle Seahawks are set to release one of the faces of their franchise as they continue a dramatic offseason overhaul.

The Seahawks are reportedly trading Michael Bennett and appear to be on the verge of a full tear-down

The Seattle Seahawks' aging defensive core appears to be nearing its end after Michael Bennett was traded and rumors surround Richard Sherman.

Richard Sherman rails against the NFL’s pre-draft process and explains why some of the combine is ‘outdated’

Richard Sherman said that the NFL pre-draft process is often off-target and "experts" don't get held accountable for making wrong predictions.

Richard Sherman ruptured his Achilles during ‘Thursday Night Football’ and his teammate said the games should be ‘illegal’

Richard Sherman, one of the harshest critics of "Thursday Night Football," ruptured his Achilles on Thursday, drawing a new wave of criticism for the games.

Richard Sherman on possible collusion against Colin Kaepernick: ‘They had a point to make and they made it’

The Seahawks cornerback is an outspoken supporter of Kaepernick, who's been without a team for nearly eight months.

Richard Sherman gave an eye-opening explanation for why NFL players don’t care about your fantasy football team

The four-time Pro Bowler has never been afraid to speak his mind, and he recently took aim at a popular pastime among NFL fans.
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Baltimore Ravens - NFL International Series

How NFL stars and teams reacted to Trump’s comments that protesting players should be fired

Here's how NFL stars, teams, and owners have reacted to President Donald Trump's call for the firing of any players who kneel during the national anthem.

Richard Sherman sent a dire message to NFL players about how they can get giant contracts akin to the NBA

Richard Sherman said NFL players have to be willing to sit out games and risk money in the short term to get bigger contracts down the road.