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This slide from Musk's presentation explains the revenue breakdown as Tesla envisions.

Elon Musk says Tesla will have 1 million robo-taxis on the road next year, and some people think the claim is so unrealistic that he’s being com...

The billionaire has a history of overpromising, and not everyone is convinced that the 'Tesla Network' can roll out as quickly as planned.
Uber drivers protest fare cuts in February, and go on strike in front of the car service's New York offices

Long hours, isolating loneliness, and confusing fees: Uber drivers in Washington D.C. are struggling to make ends meet

A 2-year investigation by Georgetown researchers found about half of drivers polled earn well below the federal poverty line.
The underwriters listed in Uber's S-1 include 11 of the same banks used in Lyft's IPO on March 29.

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and all 27 other banks working on Uber’s mega-IPO

RBC Capital Markets, JMP Securities, Raymond James, and others managed to make it on the front page of both Lyft and Uber's coveted 2019 IPOs.

Uber may owe another $128 million to Google for awards related to Uber vs. Waymo

Former Google employees Anthony Levandowski and Lior Ron were found jointly liable by an arbitration panel on late March, according to Uber's S-1.
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

Uber has filed to go public in what could be the biggest IPO in years

Lyft, the company's biggest competitor, has seen it's stock fall more than 23% since it began trading in late Match.

How to stay safe when taking an Uber or Lyft

Always check the car's make, model and license plate, and share your trip details with trusted family or friends.
Lyft President John Zimmer and CEO Logan Green applaud as Lyft lists on the Nasdaq at an IPO event in Los Angeles March 29, 2019.

Lyft is deeply unprofitable — but that isn’t stopping eager Wall Street investors

Wall Street analysts have yet to issue a sell rating for the stock, but all coverage is markedly bullish thus far.
Lyft President John Zimmer and CEO Logan Green speak as Lyft lists on the Nasdaq at an IPO event in Los Angeles March 29, 2019.

Lyft’s founders are set to make more than $1 billion in the company’s IPO

Lyft's executives will keep a majority of the company's voting stock, too, giving them significant control over corporate governance matters.
Lyft, under CEO Logan Green, will list on the Nasdaq early Friday.

READY FOR LYFT-OFF: Lyft to IPO on Friday at whopping $21 billion valuation

The ride-hailing unicorn Lyft is set to list Friday on the Nasdaq in the first big tech initial public offering of 2019.