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The most bizarre things that work with Amazon Alexa, from a twerking teddy bear to a smart toilet

There are many interesting and wildly bizarre items that now work with Amazon's voice assistant: a twerking stuffed bear, jewelry, and a smart toilet.

Ring’s Floodlight Cam is $60 off on Amazon right now — it’s one of the best smart security cameras you can buy

The Ring Floodlight Cam is one of the best smart security cameras out there. It's $60 off on Amazon for Prime members only.

Amazon may soon be able to track your phone’s location even if you don’t use any of its products or services

Even if you don’t use Amazon’s wireless networks in your own home, the mesh network could enable Amazon to get geolocation data from your devices.
Amazon revealed a wide array of new stuff on Wednesday.

From Alexa-powered smart glasses to a serious AirPods competitor, these are the 8 wildest and coolest new gadgets Amazon unveiled on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Amazon announced a mess of new stuff — from an Alexa-powered smart oven to a set of wireless headphones aimed directly at AirPods users.

Amazon reveals futuristic new products like smart glasses, earbuds, and an Alexa-enabled ring at its biggest event of the year

Amazon will likely unveil new Echo devices and make other announcements related to Alexa at its September event.

Use this map to see if your local police department has access to Amazon Ring’s unofficial surveillance network of video doorbells

Amazon's Ring has partnerships with hundreds of local police departments, giving them access to locations of Ring doorbells in nearby neighborhoods.
The Ring smart video doorbell

An Amazon driver rode off with a child’s bike after delivering a package, and it was caught on a Ring camera

An Amazon delivery driver stoke a child's bike after delivering a package. The driver was caught by a Ring video camera.

Amazon is more cozy with the police than you might realize

Residents haven't been receptive to police departments' requests for video footage from Ring smart doorbell cameras, so Amazon is offering guidance.

Amazon-owned home security firm Ring has access to real-time 911 call data

The 911 data is reviewed and then turned into news alerts on Ring's app 'Neighbors,' although only for a specific set of crimes.

Amazon requires police departments to advertise Ring home security products to residents in return for free Ring cameras

Amazon's Ring is essentially using police departments to advertise its smart doorbell cameras products and services.