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Five inmates were killed in Mississippi prisons this week, and two more are missing

Deaths and injuries have plagued Mississippi prisons this week as a federal judge ruled alleged constitutional violations have been resolved.

The 24-year-old fireman critically injured in the Seafield temple riot dies 4 days before his planned wedding

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed his deepest condolences.

A fundraising effort started by tycoon Vincent Tan to buy the contentious Seafield temple land has raised RM2 million

RM1.5 million was raised by Malaysian businessmen Vincent Tan, David Kong, and Barry Goh, who previously headed MCT.

Many people were hurt and cars torched during a violent riot at a temple in Malaysia – here’s what happened

People were injured, vehicles were razed, and windows of a building were smashed to pieces.

Charlotte’s police chief says he won’t yet release video of the fatal shooting of Keith Scott

Putney said the video did not definitively show Scott pointing a gun.

Prominent digital journalist pulls out of Milwaukee: ‘For those who are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here’

Journalist Tim Pool announced that he would leave Milwaukee after observing violence against reporters and "white people."

Intense photos from South Korea’s biggest protest in 7 years

Dozens were arrested and injured after protests over education and labor reform turned ugly.