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2 women dead, 4 injured in car accident outside Lucky Plaza – here’s what we know

The victims - all Filipino domestic helpers - were having a picnic outside Lucky Plaza at the time.

Malaysia’s ‘kindest King ever’ has won the internet after stopping his motorcade to help road accident victims – again

As far as we know, the King has stopped his motorcade to check in on accident victims at least four times this year.

Woman, 29, pushes child out of harm’s way before fatal accident at Lentor Ave – here’s what we know

The victim was identified by Stomp and Lianhe Zaobao as a domestic helper.

Malaysia is allowing drivers to tint their car windows as dark as they want, but people are afraid it will help encourage dangerous crime

While the police are on board with the idea, some netizens suggested that the tinted rear windows would allow criminals to hide their faces and kidnappers to conceal their victims.