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Michael Cohen, Trump's longtime personal lawyer and fixer, is connected to multiple investigations into the president and his businesses.

Experts say federal investigators now have ‘the perfect storm of cooperators’ against Trump

Federal investigators have flipped the three men privy to the most secret details of the main facets of President Donald Trump's life: his personal life, his campaign, and his business. Together, said one former federal prosecutor, "this is the perfect storm of cooperators."
Donald Trump.

Trump throws bombshell into Russia investigation, orders release of controversial surveillance documents and Comey texts

Trump on Monday directed the DNI and the DOJ to declassify a number of documents related to the Russia investigation in addition to releasing unredacted versions all text messages about the probe sent and received by multiple officials, including James Comey and Andrew McCabe,
Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s investigation bears the hallmark of an organized crime case

Paul Manafort's recent plea deal and cooperation agreement with the special counsel Robert Mueller is the latest indication of how the Russia investigation mirrors an organized crime case uncovering wide-ranging, multi-party criminal activity.
Manafort served as Trump's campaign manager in mid-2016, when he won the Republican Party's nomination.

‘It’s getting lonely on Trump Island’: Mueller just snagged his biggest victory yet in the Russia probe

Before agreeing to a plea deal with Paul Manafort, prosecutors likely sat down with him or his attorney for a proffer session, during which a defendant has to answer several key questions from investigators about his own case or any criminal activity he may have witnessed.
Bob Woodward on Friday said he believes special counsel Robert Mueller has "something" on President Donald Trump.

Woodward said he looked ‘hard’ for collusion and didn’t find it, but he still thinks Mueller has ‘something’ on Trump

Veteran reporter Bob Woodward on Friday told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt he looked "hard" for evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia but didn't find anything, but he still thinks special counsel Robert Mueller has "something" on the president.
Paul Manafort.

Report: Paul Manafort has reached a tentative plea deal with Mueller

It's unclear whether Paul Manafort's plea deal will involve a cooperation agreement. Rudy Giuliani said Thursday that he was not worried about Manafort cutting a plea deal because Trump's team was convinced he wouldn't say anything damaging about the president.

Mueller has almost 3 times as much evidence for Manafort’s 2nd trial as he did for his first

In Paul Manafort's first trial, prosecutors showed the jury around 400 documents, emails, and financial records to make their case. In his second, they plan to put forth "well over" 1,000 pieces of evidence, and they expect to take 10 to 12 days to make their case.
Manafort served as Trump's campaign manager in mid-2016, when he won the Republican Party's nomination.

‘There are no good choices’: Paul Manafort faces a risky gamble ahead of his second trial

Paul Manafort has several options on how best to maximize his chances against the special counsel Robert Mueller. But Justice Department veterans say that no matter what he picks, "there are no good choices, there are just differing levels of bad choices."
Donald Trump.

Trump reportedly exploded at his ex-lawyer after he heard Mueller was looking into his relationship with Deutsche Bank: ‘This is bulls—!&#...

President Donald Trump exploded at his former lawyer John Dowd after reading news reports that said the special counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank, the journalist Bob Woodward reported in "Fear: Trump in the White House," which Business Insider obtained and reviewed.
Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Brett Kavanaugh dodged questions about recusing himself from Supreme Court cases on the Russia investigation

Judge Brett Kavanaugh ducked questions about whether he would recuse himself from cases related to the special counsel Robert Mueller or the Russia investigation that may reach the Supreme Court, insisting that answering such questions would jeopardize the independence of the judiciary.