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Robinhood investors are scooping up AMD after its new chip announcement

Accounts holding AMD have jumped at Robinhood, the app popular among young traders. The investor interest comes after a recent product announcement.

Robinhood, a trading app loved by millennials, is reportedly nearing funding that would value it at over $7 billion

Robinhood, a trading app loved by millennials, is reportedly nearing funding at a $7 billion valuation. The app offers commission-free stock trading.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Robinhood users have been scooping up Tesla’s plunging stock

Robinhood users were buying Tesla shares amid the recent sell-off, according to data released on Thursday.

Millennials are pouring into Tesla’s stock following the electric-car maker’s disastrous quarter

Millennials have been pouring into Tesla's stock following electric-car maker's disastrous first quarter.

Millennials were unloading their Tesla shares ahead of its disappointing first-quarter deliveries

Millennials shift out of Tesla ahead of deliveries drop. The move came ahead of a 9% plunge in shares Thursday.

Millennials are snapping up Tesla after its layoffs

Tesla shares plunged 17% in the wake of the company's layoffs, and millennial investors are piling into the stock.
Some Robinhood clients impacted by the options outage were offered a $75 Amazon gift card.

Robinhood is giving $75 Amazon gift cards to some customers who say they lost money when its options business stopped working

It’s been a tough week for Robinhood, which came under fire shortly after announcing plans to offer checking and savings accounts with no fees and an industry-high 3% interest rate.

Robinhood’s options trading stopped working, and furious customers are saying they lost money

Robinhood's options business suffered an outage on Wednesday, and furious customers are saying they lost money because of it.
Robinhood co-founders and co-CEOs Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev

Robinhood is launching high-interest, no-fee checking and savings accounts in its latest bid to ‘democratize America’s financial system...

Robinhood is offering checking and savings accounts to customers that will feature 3.0% interest rates and no fees.

Millennial investors are loading up on Tesla ahead of its crucial earnings

Millennial investors on Robinhood appear to be buying the dip, a practice of loading up on equities amid periods of selling that's become extremely popular among investors of all ranks as the now decade-long bull market continued to chug along.