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Millennial investors are loading up on Tesla ahead of its crucial earnings

Millennial investors on Robinhood appear to be buying the dip, a practice of loading up on equities amid periods of selling that's become extremely popular among investors of all ranks as the now decade-long bull market continued to chug along.

‘The home for all of your financial needs’: The CEO of Robinhood sets out his vision after announcing another move to compete with major b...

"You should be able to open Robinhood and get anything that you can walk into your local bank branch and get," Tenev said. "In the same way that you think of Amazon as the best value, place, and experience to buy something online, Robinhood should be the home for all of your financial needs."
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Millennials are piling into 2 biotech stocks you’ve probably never heard of

Amarin and Geron are two of the most popular stocks on the free stock trading app Robinhood. One stock has quadrupled in value in recent weeks while the other has seen its shares crash. In both cases, investors appear to be hoping more gains are in store.
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Weed stocks have become so popular that Robinhood is having trouble executing trades for one of the most popular names

"This is happening because there's limited support at execution venues for the large volume of ACBFF orders we've received," Robinhood told holders of Aurora in an email. "We appreciate your understanding and hope to re-enable buy orders for ACBFF in the future."

Apple is the most popular stock among millennials after its big iPhone event

Apple was this week the most popular stock among millennial traders on Robinhood. It retook the top spot from Facebook for the first time in eight weeks, coinciding with its big event that unveiled a new watch and new iPhones.

Nike’s controversial bet on Kaepernick has millennial investors piling into the stock

Nike's bet on controversial Colin Kaepernick ad has paid off, at least among millennial investors, according to data from Robinhood

Nike’s controversial Kaepernick ad has millennials snapping up shares

Nike is currently the 52nd most-popular stock on the brokerage Robinhood, and has seen its holdings skyrocket thanks to the Kaepernick ad campaign. Twenty-two thousand investors on Robinhood currently own the stock, up 18% from less than a week ago.
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JPMorgan’s assault on Silicon Valley’s turf continues with launch of cheap stock trading app

JPMorgan is taking the plunge into the world of low-cost stock trading, according to a CNBC report.

Thousands of investors got creamed trying to snatch cheap shares of MoviePass’ parent company during its epic meltdown

73,000 investors held shares of Helios & Matheson in Robinhood when the app barred new purchases earlier this week. The stock is quickly approaching zero.

Robinhood shuts customers out of buying shares of MoviePass’ parent company after the stock crashed more than 99.99%

"In order to protect our customers from the risks associated with some low-priced stocks, we remove the buy option for stocks like HMNY that consistently trade under $0.10," the brokerage said in an email to customers.