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An expedition will recover the Titanic’s telegraph — the radio it used to call for help as it sank. Here’s how it’ll work.

A specially designed robot is set to enter the Titanic's Marconi suite, where operators issued the sinking ship's last distress call.
Moxie robot.

Moxie is a $1,500 robot from an Amazon-backed startup that can have conversations with kids to help them learn — take a look at how it works

Moxie is designed to interact with kids and help with social, emotional, and cognitive development, while parents connect via an app.
Rappi Kiwibot.

Softbank-backed delivery startup Rappi is testing out robots for contactless delivery — take a look

Rappi operates in several Latin American countries, and last year SoftBank invested one billion dollars into the startup.

To understand Trump, an AI bot had to be de-programmed from using English grammar. It uses 11 million words from Trump’s remarks to tell when he...

Margaret, an AI robot named after the meticulous West Wing character, is used by Amazon for answers on Trump through Alexa devices.
Robot in Turin pharmacy.

Stores in Italy are using robots to screen customers for mask wearing and high temperatures before they can go inside as the country reopens

These measures could provide a look at what reopening might look like in the US, which now has the most cases.
Boston Dynamics Spot robot.

A hospital in Boston is using Boston Dynamics’ famous 4-legged robots to screen patients for the coronavirus — here’s how it works

The company has spent the past month building and testing ways for robots to protect healthcare workers.
Passers-by in Times Square interact with a Promobot robot that informs the public about the symptoms of coronavirus and how to prevent it from spreading, in this still frame obtained from video, in New York City

The company behind the robot kicked out of a New York park has a new version that it says can screen people for COVID-19

A new robot may be able to take visitors' temperatures and screen people for coronavirus symptoms before they enter a building.
Robotic disinfectant sprayer for preventing the novel coronavirus climbs steps in Luoyang, Henan, on February 22, 2020.

These robots are fighting the coronavirus in China by disinfecting hospitals, taking temperatures, and preparing meals

Robots are being used to spray disinfectant all over the city, but they've also been used to cook rice in hospitals and dispense hand sanitizer.

This robot wanders New York City informing people about coronavirus, but it’s already been banned from one park

The robot reportedly surveyed 300 people, and no one showed symptoms of COVID-19. So far it has been seen around Times Square and Bryant Park.