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President Donald Trump tweeted this on Wednesday and no one knows why.

The Trump campaign trolled The Washington Post by claiming there was no evidence a picture of the president as Rocky Balboa was doctored

Critics saw in President Donald Trump's campaign message a totalitarian disregard for the truth, but others saw the message as humorous trolling.

Sylvester Stallone said he’s ‘furious’ that he’s never seen any licensing revenue from the ‘Rocky’ franchise

Sylvester Stallone said that he still doesn't have an ownership stake in the "Rocky" franchise, and has never seen a portion of merchandising revenue.
"Forrest Gump."

The 15 Oscar best-picture winners that made the most money at the US box office

Here are the best picture winners that have taken in the most money. Thanks, inflation!
Florian Munteanu plays Viktor Drago in "Creed II."

The actor who played Viktor Drago in ‘Creed II’ actually had to lose weight to play the 220 pound goliath — here’s what he ate...

"It's a heavyweight bout, so I was trying to lose, like, 20 pounds to drop to 220."
Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed in "Rocky IV."

Sylvester Stallone wanted Apollo Creed to appear as a ghost in ‘Creed 2’ — here’s why it didn’t happen

Sylvester Stallone had an idea to get Apollo Creed in "Creed II' as a ghost, but director Steven Caple Jr. explained why it didn't just wasn't going to work.

You can watch the first 5 original ‘Rocky’ movies for free on YouTube, just in time for ‘Creed II’

"Creed II" comes to theaters this week, and the first five original "Rocky" movies are currently available to stream for free on YouTube Movies.

17 movie sequels that took over 10 years to be released, including ‘Incredibles 2’

"Incredibles 2" is finally in theaters after a 14 year wait, but it's not the only sequel to take so long to be released after its predecessor. Here are 17 movie sequels that took over 10 years to be made.

‘Let’s get this f—– thing done!’: Republicans used ‘Rocky,’ Gen. Patton to pump themselves up for the health...

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy read quotes from George Patton in front of an image of the famed Word War II hero to get members ready for the AHCA vote

The 15 most successful Oscar best-picture winners, ranked

Here are the award-winning movies that have taken in the most money, from "Forrest Gump" to "The Godfather." Thanks, inflation!

Sylvester Stallone shows off incredible behind-the-scenes photos from ‘Rocky’

The Oscar nominee got nostalgic and gave us a glimpse back to the movie that started his career — with plenty of Apollo Creed.