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A composite image shows an Instagram story from Roger Stone attacking former CIA chief John Brennan, and an image showing him outside a courthouse in Washington, D.C.

Former Trump aide Roger Stone called for ex-CIA chief John Brennan to be hanged for treason in now deleted Instagram post

The former adviser to Trump has a history of generating controversy with social media posts since his arrest in January.
Robert Mueller.

The Mueller report has been submitted — here’s everyone who has been charged and convicted in the Russia probe so far

Mueller turned in his report on the Russia investigation. So far he has charged a total of eight Americans, 25 Russians, and 3 Russian companies.

Roger Stone’s lawyers apologize to federal judge for concealing information about his upcoming book while under a gag order

"There was/is no intention to hide anything," Stone's lawyer wrote. "Having been scolded, we seek only to defend Mr. Stone and move ahead without further ado."

Michael Cohen says Trump would ‘do what is necessary’ to win the presidency, including potentially colluding with a foreign power

Michael Cohen told Congress that he believes President Donald Trump is "all about winning" and has the potential to collude with a foreign power.

In closing remarks, Michael Cohen says his loyalty to Trump cost him ‘everything’

One Justice Department veteran said Cohen's statements can be split into two camps: "prurient interests" that encourage political theater, and "legally significant" material that could prove dangerous for Trump.
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.

Michael Cohen will testify that Trump knew Roger Stone was in touch with WikiLeaks during the election

Cohen is the first individual to publicly say Trump himself had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks' planned document dump.

A federal judge has imposed a full gag order on Roger Stone after he shared an inflammatory post about her on social media

Stone posted an image of federal judge Amy Berman Jackson with crosshairs and attacked her as "Obama-appointed" on his Instagram account.

Roger Stone apologized to a judge for posting an Instagram photo of her face next to a crosshairs

Roger Stone apologized for the image of US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson but said it did not show a crosshairs and was not meant as a threat.
Roger Stone, longtime Trump ally

Roger Stone communicated with WikiLeaks about hacked Democratic emails, says Mueller investigation

A new court filing from Mueller's office says Roger Stone communicated with WikiLeaks about hacked Democratic Party emails during the 2016 presidential campaign.

A federal judge placed a gag order on Roger Stone and his lawyers to avoid biasing potential jurors

The gag order bars Stone's lawyers from talking about his case to the media, and bars Stone from discussing it everywhere except courthouse steps.