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Some American food-safety inspections aren’t happening due to the government shutdown, sparking food-poisoning concerns. Here’s what this ...

Food-poisoning expert Bill Marler says you should consider skipping salad when going out to eat.
Sweetgreen raised $200 million in a recent round of funding.

Sweetgreen has a plan to tackle one of the most concerning problems impacting the food industry right now

Sweetgreen is investing in blockchain to track and trace the origins of the produce it buys.
Romaine lettuce has been pulled from Food Lion shelves in Durham, North Carolina.

Romaine lettuce sales are down more than $71 million so far this year as the industry has been pummeled with food-poisoning outbreaks — and thin...

Romaine lettuce sales are down by more than $71 million so far in 2018, according to Nielsen data.

Investigators never found the source of an E. coli outbreak that sickened 25 and killed one person last year. Now, a food-poisoning expert says the sa...

As another E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce sweeps the US, experts are drawing connections to an unsolved investigation from 2017.