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Netflix is releasing 6 original romantic comedy movies this summer, as part of its plan to boost the genre

Original movies 'The Kissing Booth' and 'Set It Up' prove that 'Netflix is on a rom-com streak right now. Here's 5 Netflix original rom-coms coming to Netflix this summer.
"Set It Up."

Netflix’s 8 original romantic movies, ranked from worst to best by critics

In an age when major film studios have practically killed off the once-thriving genre of romantic comedy, Netflix has been steadily filling a niche by producing original romantic comedies and dramas.
"Knocked Up."

The 27 best romantic comedy movies of all time, according to critics

From the silent movies of Charlie Chaplin to Judd Apatow films like "Knocked Up" and "The Big Sick," the romantic comedy genre has evolved with each generation.

The big Hollywood romantic comedy is dead — here’s what happened to it

Romantic comedies used to be a big part of a movie studio's release slate. Where did they all go?