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Nintendo is seeking millions in damages from a website that allegedly charged $30/year for fast, unlimited downloads of video games

RomUniverse advertises itself as offering 60,000 games for a variety of consoles. Now, Nintendo is taking action.

After a superfan spent 7 years re-creating ‘Super Mario Bros.,’ Nintendo shut it down

Sorry, Commodore 64 fans — you'll just have to give in and buy a Nintendo Entertainment System if you want to play "Super Mario Bros."

An Arizona couple will have to pay Nintendo over $12 million for running websites that offered free downloads of classic video games

Nintendo of America was awarded a final judgement in federal court after accusing the operators of LoveROMs.com of copyright infringement.

The mini $80 Super Nintendo has already been hacked to play hundreds of games

Why play just 21 games when you can play, like, 500?