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Donald Trump.

Democrats zero in on New York Times investigation into Trump’s wealth and once again push for his tax returns

Democrats are zeroing in on The New York Times' Tuesday investigation into President Donald Trump's wealth, once again pushing to obtain the president's tax returns.
The office in charge of overseeing the Senate's security apparently doesn't have the power to protect the personal email accounts of senators and their aides.

Congress is powerless to stop the most obvious way they could get hacked by foreign states

Foreign governments are hacking into the personal email accounts of US senators and their aides, according to Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). But the office in charge of overseeing the Senate's security has no power to protect senators and staffers' personal accounts and devices.

Some vote-counting computers came with a critical flaw that could have let hackers access them

The top voting machine maker admitted in a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden that it installed remote access software on election equipment it shipped starting in 2000.
Michael Cohen.

Top Democratic senator accuses Treasury Department of stonewalling his demands for Michael Cohen’s banking records

The ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee is accusing the Treasury Department of refusing to provide documents and information related to President Donald Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen and his relationship with the Swiss drug company Novartis.
President Donald Trump

Trump is already backtracking on the China trade agreement, days after celebrating the deal

President Donald Trump is starting to backtrack on the China trade agreement just days after praising the deal. The reason is unclear but it may have to do with the breakdown of North Korea summit talks and the heavy criticism of the deal from both parties.

A prison technology company has a way to track almost any cell phone in the United States — and it reportedly just got hacked

Securus is a prison technology company that offers law enforcement a way to track almost any cell phone in the United States. It's come under the spotlight after a Missouri sheriff allegedly used Securus technology to track people without a warrant. Now, a hacker told Motherboard that it breached its database.
Then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses members of the National Rifle Association's during their NRA-ILA Leadership Forum during their annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky on May 20, 2016.

NRA acknowledges that it gets foreign donations, but says they don’t go toward US elections

The country's foremost gun-rights group has found itself in congressional investigators' crosshairs.

A top senator investigating Russian election interference is demanding answers from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Ron Wyden wrote an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg demanding answers about how Facebook is protecting its users data and what it knew about Cambridge Analytica.
Jessica Leeds said President Trump groped her on an airplane.

All the prominent Democrats who have called on Trump to resign over sexual misconduct allegations

Several have said President Donald Trump should follow the example of Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, who resigned after several women accused him of misconduct.

Chuck Schumer took out a marker to write what he really thought of the Senate healthcare bill

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and fellow Democratic Sens. Patty Murray and Ron Wyden condemned the newly released Senate healthcare bill.