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Aperol Spritz was the drink of summer 2018.

White Claw, Aperol Spritz, and canned rosé have all been dubbed the ‘drinks of the summer,’ and it makes perfect sense with who mille...

Millennials like drinks that are healthier, affordable, Instagrammable, and convenient — and it shows how much they value wellness and experiences.

Turns out Rose’s life raft wasn’t a door in ‘Titanic’— and sorry, but Jack would’ve drowned anyway

Turns out the much-disputed ending to the classic love story would have actually had an even more tragic ending in real life.
You can now keep frosé in your freezer.

Frosé pouches are now a thing and they’re basically alcoholic juice boxes

You can stick Chanmé Frosé pouches right in your freezer for a portable take on the summer rosé treat.
Amazon is selling a rosé spray bottle that's perfect for watering plants, spritzing your hair, or spraying directly into your mouth.

You can now buy a rosé spray bottle on Amazon for under $10

Amazon is selling a rosé spray bottle that's perfect for watering plants, spritzing hair, or spraying the pink drink directly into your mouth.

The world’s largest beer maker is buying The Fat Jewish’s wine brand famous for White Girl Rosé

Babe Wine has been made famous on Instagram by The Fat Jewish and model Emily Ratajkowski, the brand's so-called chief taste officer.
The float is shaped like a bottle of wine.

You can buy a pool float that looks like a giant bottle of rosé and it’s on sale right now for $19

Looking for cute summer floats? This glitter-filled pool is shaped like a bottle of rosé and it comes with a cup holder for your wine.
Apple CEO Tim Cook holding his glasses, which might be the next technology Apple tackles next.

At its biggest conference of the year, Apple quietly laid the groundwork for a pair of smart glasses

Apple is reportedly working on a pair of smart glasses to debut sometime in 2020. At WWDC 2019, the company hinted at what's to come.
The pouches come in Sweet White, Semi-Sweet Rosé, and Dry Rosé flavors.

These Capri Sun-style wine pouches let you carry rosé without spilling it

The High Key Wine pouches can travel anywhere with you and cut out the need for glass or a corkscrew.
Rosé All Day is looking to reward people for drinking wine.

A wine company is looking to pay a ‘rosé influencer’ $10,000 and send them on a luxury trip to France

Rosé All Day is looking for a "rosé influencer" who can produce beautiful, exciting content with clever captions and tons of personality.
VPX, a Florida-based sports nutrition company, just tapped into one of the few markets that had yet to embrace the popular pink beverage.

There’s now an energy drink that tastes like rosé, and you can buy it for less than $3 a can

While regular, alcoholic rosé might make you feel more relaxed, Bang Energy claims its Frose Rosé will boost your energy levels.