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Roseanne Barr is defending an episode of ‘Roseanne’ that people are calling Islamophobic

On Tuesday night's episode of ABC's controversial revival of "Roseanne," Roseanne thinks that her neighbors of Muslim descent are building a bomb. The episode has been called Islamaphobic, and Barr has already come to the show's defense.
Roseanne Barr on "The Tonight Show."

Roseanne Barr defends her vocal Trump support in Jimmy Fallon interview: ‘I don’t give a f—‘

Roseanne Barr defended her vocal and controversial support of President Trump in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night's "Tonight Show," saying that she "doesn't give a f---" about negative perceptions of her Trump support.

Roseanne Barr scoffs at New Yorker criticism, saying writer of controversial ‘Roseanne’ joke has been ‘sent to the gulag’

Television critic Emily Nussbaum criticized the "Roseanne" reboot and Roseanne Barr said that the writer of a controversial joke has been sent to a 'the gulag.'

‘Roseanne’ showrunner responds to criticism of Roseanne Barr’s political views: ‘Nobody is making anybody watch the show’...

"Roseanne" co-showrunner Bruce Helford downplayed the significance of Roseanne Barr's controversial political views in relation to the ABC sitcom's viewership.

‘Roseanne’ had a joke about ABC’s minority-led comedies ‘Black-ish’ and ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ — and peo...

The third episode of the 'Roseanne' reboot included a joke that took a jab at ABC's minority starring comedies, "Black-ish" and "Fresh Off the Boat."

ABC execs say the ‘Roseanne’ reboot was a direct result of Trump’s election

ABC execs met the morning after Trump's victory to determine the future of the network — that's how the 'Roseanne' revival was born.

Roseanne Barr is under fire for appearing to promote a conspiracy theory about a Parkland student activist

Roseanne Barr is under fire for tweeting 'NAZI SALUTE', seemingly referencing a far-right conspiracy theory about Parkland school shooting activist David Hogg.

Roseanne Barr has a history of supporting Trump — and promoting right-wing conspiracy theories

Roseanne Barr has a history of supporting President Trump and promoting conservative conspiracy theories online.

Trump called Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the high ratings for the ‘Roseanne’ reboot

President Trump made a personal phone call to Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the high ratings for the "Roseanne" revival.

NASCAR race renamed ‘Roseanne 300’

The naming creates the odd situation of Fox airing and promoting a race that is promoting a TV show that airs on a rival network.