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TJ Maxx and Ross Stores are know for their "treasure hunt' shopping experience.

We shopped at TJ Maxx and Ross to see which was a better discount store — and the winner was clear

TJ Maxx and Ross Stores are the United States' largest off-price retail chains.
The North Face is part of one of the biggest apparel companies in America.

These are the biggest clothing companies in America

Nike and TJ Maxx are among the companies dominating America's clothing retail landscape. This list of the top fashion companies in America uses data from Forbes' recent Global 2000 list of the world's largest public companies.
Ross Stores may look disastrous inside, but analysts call it a "retail treasure."

The chain hailed by Wall Street as a ‘retail treasure’ runs the most disastrous store we’ve ever seen

Ross Stores has been deemed the future of retail, but if that's true, the future looks pretty ugly.

Americans are abandoning department stores for one of the ugliest stores in retail

Ross Stores' business is exploding as department stores are shutting thousands of locations. The chain is dominating by offering no frills and steep discounts.

One of the ugliest stores in retail is crushing its competition

Ross Stores is breaking all the rules of traditional retail, and it's working.

Ross Stores is getting rocked after lackluster earnings

Shares are down nearly 7% in after hours trading.

These 4 retailers are crushing the industry

They included protection from what Morgan Stanley calls the "Amazon threat" and consistent growth in comparable sales.