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King Tut.

16 of the youngest monarchs in history

History is full of kings, queens, and emperors who ascended to the throne as children. Here's a look at some of the most memorable.
Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives in Scotland in 2015.

Here’s where the royal family gets their money

Queen Elizabeth ascended to the British throne 68 years ago, making her the longest-reigning living monarch in the world.

The 18 biggest scandals of the British royal family

The House of Windsor was founded in 1917 — and they've been at the center of some eyebrow-raising scandals ever since.

14 haunting photos of abandoned palaces and castles around the world

Even the one-time homes of the rich and royal can fall into decay. Here's a closer look at what 14 abandoned palaces around the world look like now.
Princess Diana's casual yet glamorous winter style set her apart from the rest of the royal family.

15 of Princess Diana’s best winter fashion looks

From plaid coats to white winter gowns, we looked back at the royal's most fashionable cold-weather outfits.
Courtiers unveil Japanese Emperor Naruhito at his enthronement ceremony in Tokyo's Imperial Palace on October 22, 2019.

Japan’s new emperor ascended the imperial throne in a ceremony involving elaborate outfits, a veiled throne, and 3 sacred treasures

This ceremony marked Japan's Emperor Naruhito proclamation of his ascension to the world. Foreign dignitaries including Prince Charles attended.
Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn and royal consort Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, who on Monday lost her royal and military rank and titles.

The king of Thailand abruptly stripped all royal titles from his 34-year-old consort, who is accused of plotting against the queen to take her place

Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi tried to stop the king from marrying his queen and disrespected the couple when she didn't get her wish, the palace said.
Tatiana Santo Domingo attends the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 21, 2019 in Paris, France.

Billionaire heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo is now the wealthiest citizen of Monaco, where one-third of the country’s population has assets over $...

Heiress, fashionista, and member of Monaco's royal family Tatiana Santo Domingo has a net worth of $2 billion. Here's a look at her life.
The once-opulent resort is now crumbling, abandoned, and has been declared a public danger as the spa's architecture rapidly deteriorates.

A look inside the abandoned and crumbling Băile Neptun resort, where Roman god Hercules and Austrian royalty reportedly once visited

This abandoned spa resort has origins in the Roman Empire and even hosted members of the Austrian royal family. Now, it's falling apart.
Marie Antoinette was the queen of France just before the French Revolution.

The 10 greatest scandals caused by queens throughout history

These royals were not afraid to get their hands dirty in order to gain — or keep — power. Here are the 10 greatest scandals caused by queens.