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Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.

‘Get it done’: Trump was involved in ‘nearly every step’ of suppressing stories on alleged affairs and may have violated campa...

President Donald Trump played a direct role in hush-money payments to women who said they had affairs with him, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Melania addresses President Trump’s alleged infidelities in lengthy interview: ‘It is not concern and focus of mine’

First lady Melania Trump brushed off reports of President Donald Trump's infidelities as "gossip" that "is not concern and focus of mine." The first lady told ABC News her marriage was stable despite the rumors and insisted her focus was on her duties as a mother and first lady.

Michael Cohen posted an eye-popping tweet about cooperating with Mueller and deleted it seconds later

President Donald Trump's former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen tweeted and almost immediately deleted a curious message about his cooperation with the special counsel Robert Mueller Thursday evening.
President Donald Trump and his surrogates have changed their stories on his campaign's numerous contacts with Russia over time.

Trump and his allies’ explanations for the campaign’s Russia contacts have seen a stark evolution as new evidence has spilled out

Over time, President Donald Trump and his loyalists have claimed the campaign never communicated with Russia, that the contacts did not amount to collusion, and that even if they did, collusion is not a crime.
FILE PHOTO: Former Trump campaign manager Manafort departs after a bond hearing at U.S. District Court in Washington

‘It’s not even a close call’: Giuliani is pushing a dubious theory about Paul Manafort’s plea deal that experts say is bogus

Rudy Giuliani told Business Insider that Paul Manafort's cooperation deal with the special counsel Robert Mueller does not include an agreement to share information about President Trump or the Trump campaign.

‘Uncharted territory’: Giuliani is demanding that Trump gets to review Mueller’s report before it comes out

Rudy Giuliani said the White House would waive executive privilege over the special counsel Robert Mueller's findings in his obstruction case if, among other things, it were allowed to review a draft of Mueller's report before its release. Legal experts say that would be "uncharted territory."
Robert Mueller.

Giuliani lays out 3 conditions Mueller has to meet for the White House to waive executive privilege in the Russia probe

Rudy Giuliani said President Trump's team will waive privilege if it has a chance to review Mueller's report before it is released; if it believes that the report is fair; and if it gets the opportunity to release a rebuttal report at the same time as Mueller's.
Rudy Giuliani on Monday claimed collusion is not a crime when speaking about the Mueller investigation.

Rudy Giuliani bashes a major New Yorker profile of him for its ‘gratuitous’ and ‘nasty editorial asides’

Rudy Giuliani blasted a recent New Yorker profile of him on Tuesday, saying he "regretted ever talking" to the author, Jeffrey Toobin. The profile characterizes Giuliani as a "weary" mouthpiece for President Donald Trump and a "talking head spouting nonsense on cable news."
Special counsel Robert Mueller.

There’s a ton of speculation that Mueller could drop something big as soon as today

All eyes are on the special counsel Robert Mueller amid mounting speculation that he could come out with something substantial in the Russia investigation before Labor Day.

Giuliani says he advised Trump against pardoning Manafort until the Mueller investigation is over

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's lawyer, said he advised the president against considering granting Paul Manafort a pardon until at least after special counsel Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation into Russian election interference.