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Russia releases video showing what its newest Kh-35U anti-ship missile can do to a vessel

Russian officials claim that the Kh-35U can evade any enemy countermeasures.
The job of Israel's air force just got a lot more dangerous.

Russia’s new missile defenses in Syria look likely to set off a shooting war against Israel

A new decision by Russia to deploy S-300 missile defence systems to Syria raises the stakes in the conflict, especially with Israel, which regularly bombs Syria. Now, if Israel knocks down a Syrian air defense site, it runs the risk of killing Russian servicemen, that could easily escalate.

One of Vladimir Putin’s most prominent critics was released from jail, arrested on his way out, and sentenced to another 20 days in detention

One of Russian President Vladimir Putin's most outspoken critics, Alexei Navalny, was released from jail only to be re-arrested on his way out. Navalny, had been detained for organizing an unauthorized rally. He was locked up again for damages done to a police car during one of those events.
A US Air Force F-22 Raptor flies over the Arabian Sea in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, Jan. 27, 2016.

Russian fighter pilot says he beat an F-22 in a mock dogfight and locked onto it, but the Pentagon threw cold water on the claims

An unofficial account of a Russian pilot of the Su-35, Russia's top jet fighter, posted pictures claiming to show a US F-22 Raptor stealth jet flying in the skies above Syria as proof that his older, bigger jet could kill it.
President Donald Trump is adopting a new strategy for Syria that will see US troops remain there indefinitely.

Trump now plans to keep US troops in Syria until Iran gets out, which means America may never leave

President Donald Trump is reportedly adopting a new strategy in Syria that will see US troops remain there indefinitely. Now that the Islamic State has largely been defeated and driven into the desert, the Trump administration wants to focus on ensuring all Iranian forces leave Syria moving forward.
An S-300 air defense missile system launches a missile during the Keys to the Sky competition at the International Army Games 2017 at the Ashuluk shooting range outside Astrakhan, Russia August 5, 2017.

Moscow to arm Syria with advanced anti-aircraft missiles after a massive air battle downed a Russian plane

Russia will arm its Syrian partners with advanced S-300 anti-aircraft weapons systems, as well as target the electronic systems of any military aircraft that launches strikes on Syria, the Russian defense ministry revealed Monday in response to the accidental shootdown of a Russian plane last week.

OPEC and Russia shrug off US pressure to cut oil prices

OPEC leader Saudi Arabia and its biggest oil producer ally outside the group, Russia, have pushed back against attempts by US President Donald Trump to reduce the price of oil, announcing on Sunday that there would be no additional price decrease in the near term, Reuters reported.

Four Russian spy planes fly past Alaska — it’s the third time this month Russian military aircraft have done so

Russian military aircraft — everything from bombers to fighters to spy planes — have ventured close to Alaska three times this month, with the most recent incident occurring Friday, when four Russian maritime reconnaissance aircraft flew past the northern part of the state.
An SU-35 military jet at the MAKS-2009 international air show in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, August 21, 2009.

The US hit China with sanctions for buying Russian jets and missiles, and Beijing and Moscow are hitting back

On Thursday, the US imposed sanctions on China for its purchase of Russian weapons. It's the first time the US has done so, but officials said the ultimate target was Moscow.
Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Russia reportedly hatched an audacious plan to smuggle Julian Assange out of Britain on Christmas Eve

Sources told the Guardian newspaper that Russian diplomats held secret talks with people close to Assange with the goal of smuggling him out in a diplomatic car, potentially to Russia. The plan, due to take place in 2017, was ultimately abandoned, seemingly because of the high risks involved.