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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have three kids.

Ryan Reynolds worries that his kids won’t think he’s a ‘present dad’ after quarantine ends and he goes back to work

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Reynolds spoke about spending more time with his and Blake Lively's three daughters.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have three daughters together.

Blake Lively shared photos of homemade waffles crafted to look like the Cookie Monster

Blake Lively served a "Sesame Street"-inspired treat while spending time at home with her husband Ryan Reynolds, their three children, and her mother.
Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland took on the T-shirt handstand challenge, but Ryan Reynolds refused.

Jake Gyllenhaal says he didn’t want to do Tom Holland’s T-shirt handstand challenge but Ryan Reynolds beat him to it

In a new interview with Stephen Colbert, the actor said that he was impressed by how effortless his older sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, made it look.
Ryan Reynolds.

The best Ryan Reynolds movies to watch on Netflix, ranked

If you are looking for a Ryan Reynolds movie marathon (and let's face it, who isn't?) there are a bunch of his movies on Netflix.
Ryan Reynolds sent Tom Holland a case of gin with a special message on it.

Tom Holland planned to detox from alcohol during quarantine, but then Ryan Reynolds sent him a case of gin

The case of gin came with a message from Reynolds alluding to Spider-Man: "'Some friendly neighborhood spider-gin, love Ryan.'"

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are pausing their ‘feud’ to raise money for coronavirus relief efforts

The stars are giving one fan the opportunity to run a lemonade stand with them. Money raised will go to first responders and several organizations.
Ryan Reynolds in "Deadpool."

Hugh Jackman says he started his ‘feud’ with Ryan Reynolds when he married Scarlett Johansson

The two stars met on the set of the 2009 film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and have been squabbling, mainly on social media, ever since.

Simone Biles made the trending handstand challenge even harder by taking off a pair of pants, and Ryan Reynolds had another hilarious response

Instead of doing a handstand against a wall while putting on a t-shirt, Biles performed a handstand with no support and took off a pair of sweatpants.
Jake Gyllenhaal posted the video to his Instagram.

Jake Gyllenhaal made Tom Holland’s handstand challenge look easy after Ryan Reynolds flat-out refused to take part

Gyllenhaal nailed the challenge, and there were plenty of thirsty tweets out there after he posted the video.
Tom Holland thought Ryan Reynolds' reaction was hilarious.

Tom Holland challenged Ryan Reynolds to put a T-shirt on while doing a handstand, and the ‘Deadpool’ actor had a hilarious response

As part of the challenge, a person must attempt to put a shirt on by maneuvering their body and maintaining a handstand position the entire time.