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These 18 Hollywood celebrities have donated thousands of dollars to Democrats running for president in 2020

Hollywood A-listers have already begun donating their money to some of the Democratic presidential candidates all vying to unseat Donald Trump.
Netflix's "The Breaker Upperers" is the anti-Valentines day movie you may be looking for.

7 great movies you should watch on Netflix this weekend

From "The Breaker Upperers" to "Set It Up," here's a Valentine's edition of INSIDER's weekly picks for what you can stream on Netflix this weekend.
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made joke ads for each other's companies.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman just released ‘ads’ for each other’s coffee and gin brands, and one put in more effort than the other...

While Reynolds' "ad" was supremely complimentary about his colleague, Jackman's was not so much.
Ryan Reynolds (L) and Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds ended their faux feud by agreeing to make ads for each other’s coffee and gin brands

The pair have been beefing in hilarious fashion since at least 2015.
George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, and Bob Dylan are among the celebrities staking a claim in the liquor business.

Stars like George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, and Bob Dylan have struck gold with liquor launches, and countless celebrities are following suit

George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, and Bob Dylan are among a growing number of celebrities successfully launching liquor brands even without experience.
Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid.

Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Gigi Hadid dressed up as their childhood heroes for New Year’s Eve

Swift asked her guests to dress up as their childhood heroes, which saw stars ringing in the new year as Posh Spice, Nancy Drew, and Mary Poppins.
Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg presented an award together during the 70th Emmy Awards in September 2018.

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg are hosting the 2019 Golden Globes — here are 14 other dynamic duos we’d like to see in the future

Fans love the idea that Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg will be hosting the 2019 Golden Globes. We chose more pairings to continue the trend.
Ryan Reynolds at the Deadpool 2 premier.

Ryan Reynolds is turning one of the scariest stories on Reddit into a horror movie

The story, by Jasper DeWitt, is called "The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine" and was published in the subreddit r/nosleep.

Ryan Reynolds says that parenting has made him a better person: ‘I sort of miss being horrible’

The "Deadpool" star, who has been married to Blake Lively since 2012, opened up about parenting during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
People's Sexiest Man Alive has come a long way.

All 29 guys who have been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive

People has been honoring the best-looking and men in entertainment since 1985. Here's a complete list of everyone who's been named Sexiest Man Alive.