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The PlayStation 5 and Xbox ‘Project Scarlett’ don’t arrive until 2020, but one YouTuber already built them

We won't find out what the next PlayStation and Xbox are like for a few months or more, but you can see what they'll be capable of right now.

We already know a surprising amount about the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox — here’s how the 2 consoles compare

With just a little over a year until next-gen game consoles arrive, we're comparing the details of the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
"Death Stranding," seen above, is expected to arrive on both the PlayStation 4 and Sony's next-gen PlayStation console.

The next PlayStation won’t arrive until May 2020 at the earliest

Sony's next PlayStation is deep in development, but we've still got awhile to go until it arrives.

AMD just introduced two new product lines — and now it looks like a real threat to Intel and Nvidia

If you didn't know, Intel and Nvidia aren't the only companies making computer parts.