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The best emergency kits

It's a good idea to have an emergency kit prepared in case of a storm, power outage, or some other emergency. These are the best emergency kits.

Japanese stalker tracks down idol by zooming in on reflection in her eyes on photos, then sexually assaults her

The man narrowed down the area using Google Street View after enlarging her social media photos to reveal scenery and landmarks.
School Safety Patrolers checking out a Waymo vehicle.

Waymo and AAA are trying to ease anxiety about self-driving vehicles

A goal is to help young people understand the benefits and limits of autonomous technology. So Waymo and AAA have developed a school curriculum.
Uber's Director of Product Management Sachin Kansal

Uber is rolling out a new safety feature to make sure riders get in the correct car after the shocking murder of a college student

Samantha Josephson was murdered earlier this year after someone posing as an Uber driver lured her into their vehicle.
Inside the Safe House.

Take a tour of this super luxurious billionaire bunker in Poland that claims to be the world’s first zombie-proof house

The Safe House outside of Warsaw, Poland, is a home with moving concrete walls and metal shutters that turn it into a doorless, windowless fortress.

Lyft is requiring safety education courses for its drivers after a spate of sexual assaults

The ride-hailing giant announced three new safety products on Tuesday, including a direct-to-911 button, after a being slammed with a lawsuit.
Not out t get you, despite what you think.

Bear attacks and falling rocks? Here’s what to know to stay safe while hiking

Nature-focused Instagram accounts offer tons of inspiration for wanna-be hikers. But you may not have the skills to make it to your coveted photo spot safely.

14 women have filed a lawsuit against Lyft accusing the company of not addressing a ‘sexual predator crisis’ among drivers

The lawsuit accuses the ride-hailing company of not adding safety features like a panic button to its app quickly enough.