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The best bike helmets you can buy

A good bike helmet can save you from injury in the event of a crash. These are the best bike helmets you can buy.

A Michelin tire expert explains why winter tires are worth the extra cost

Winter tires are specially designed to deal with snow, slush, ice, and low temperatures. A good set can cost more than $500, before installation.
Throwing water on a fire can make some fires worse.

The 5 types of fires and how experts say you should put them out

Water can't put out all fires, it can actually make some fires worse. Here are the five types of fires and how to put them out.
Brand-new is best.

Driver’s are overlooking a huge safety risk by neglecting their cars’ headlights: AAA

AAA investigated degraded car headlights and found that they can greatly reduce the amount of light projected at night.

The 17 least safe cities in America

The least safe cities in America missed the mark when it came to community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety, found Wallet Hub.

E-scooters are sending dozens of people to emergency rooms — and the companies appear to have a double standard when it comes to safety

Gruesome injuries from riding e-scooters are popping up left and right across the country.
A mother says her daughter (not pictured) died after sleeping in a car seat in a position that blocked her airway.

A mother is sharing the story of her 17-month-old’s death to warn parents about the potential dangers of car seats

Lisa Smith told the "Today" show that her daughter died of positional asphyxia after napping in a car seat three years ago.

Toppled scooters, sidewalk riding, and illegal parking: Electric scooters have returned to San Francisco after being banned

The launch of a yearlong pilot program called to mind previous complaints of residents knocking over scooters, parking illegally, and riding on sidewalks instead of bike lanes.

A refusal to wear helmets leads to hundreds of fatal bike crashes each year. A team of former SpaceX engineers may have found the solution.

After three years of research and development, a team of engineers has developed a collapsible bike helmet that's safer and more comfortable than the traditional model.