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Hurricanes should always be taken seriously.

7 dangerous mistakes to avoid during a hurricane

When dealing with a huge storm and violent winds, there are some common mistakes that can put your safety and the safety of others at risk.
Huda Beauty's Neon Obsessions Palettes.

Neon makeup is one of 2019’s biggest beauty trends, but the FDA warns it might not be safe to wear around your eyes

Beauty news Instagram account Estee Laundry has drawn attention to neon makeup, leading to a bigger conversation around how cosmetics are labeled.

Here’s what travelers can do to stay safe in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is on a Level 2 travel advisory from the US State Department, which means travelers should exercise increased caution.
You might be surprised to learn that looking like a tourist can make you unsafe while traveling.

8 things you probably think make you safer when you travel that don’t

Though you might not realize it, bringing extra cash and posting about your trip on social media may not make you any safer on your travels.

We asked 2 disaster experts about their best tips in case of emergency

We asked disaster experts for the things that everyone should know in case of an emergency like a natural disaster.

The best emergency kits you can buy to be prepared for anything

It's a good idea to have an emergency kit prepared in case of a storm, power outage, or some other emergency. These are the best emergency kits.
If you're staying overnight at someplace sketchy, try a door alarm that'll wake you (and everyone else) up if someone tries to open your room door.

11 clever products to help you travel safer — from slash-proof backpacks to water purification tablets

Protect yourself from pickpockets and identity theft with these clever gadgets designed for safe travels.
Women at Sydney's famous Bondi beach watch a volleyball match.

The safest countries in the world for women

Australia is the safest country in the world for women, according to New World Wealth group data, released in its 2019 Global Wealth Migration Review.

How to stay safe when taking an Uber or Lyft

Always check the car's make, model and license plate, and share your trip details with trusted family or friends.
Short dons special goggles and weights to simulate sleepy driving.

Here’s what you should do if you feel drowsy while driving, according to a Chevy safety engineer who saw the danger of tired driving firsthand w...

Maureen Short is a West Pointer and former US Army captain who learned about drowsy driving firsthand when she was a company commander in Iraq.