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It's time to earn what you're worth.

3 worst salary negotiation mistakes people make, plus how to fix them right in the moment

Negotiating doesn’t have to be scary or hard, but you should try to avoid these major missteps.
Don't leave money on the table. This is how to ask for a raise.

A 30-step plan to getting the raise you deserve

It's crucial to know how to ask for a raise. When to ask for a raise can also be tricky. Many Americans have never asked for a raise, but it could boost your income over the long-term.
Don't leave money on the table.

How much money to ask for during your next salary negotiation

Here's how to figure out the exact number to ask for.

Two Ivy League business professors thought they knew the truth about salary negotiation — then their own research proved them wrong

It turns out, offering a range may be key to getting what you want — and even a little more.