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Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck is tired of hearing a common piece of financial advice.

Finance CEO Sallie Krawcheck is so convinced you should ‘buy the f—ing latte’ that her company Ellevest now sells a $23 reusable cup...

Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck railed against a common personal finance trope encouraging people to stop buying their morning coffee in a recent op-ed.

WATCH LIVE: Sallie Krawcheck, Ray Dalio, and more speak at IGNITION right now

IGNITION is Business Insider's flagship conference featuring the biggest names in business, tech, and media.
Ray Dalio, Sallie Krawcheck, and Brad Katsuyama.

Ray Dalio, Sallie Krawcheck, and Brad Katsuyama are coming to IGNITION 2018 — learn what it’s like to run the world’s biggest hedge ...

IGNITION 2018 will introduce you to established voices and rising stars in the world of financial innovation.
Success isn't just about money. From left to right: former Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink, Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck, OKCupid founder Sam Yagan.

I asked everyone from a billionaire tech founder to a former Navy SEAL commander what it means to be successful, and money was only an afterthought

For Business Insider's podcast "This Is Success," we asked a wide variety of people at the top of their fields — including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, 'Million Dollar Listing' star Ryan Serhant, and media mogul Tina Brown — to define what success means to them.

A former Wall Street CEO says the secret to negotiating is having no secrets

To achieve success in a negotiation, be open about what you want, said Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck. She added that the goal of a negotiation is for both parties to walk away relatively satisfied and to maintain the relationship.
Sallie Krawcheck is the founder and CEO of Ellevest, which offers investment-planning options tailored to women — who have typically invested far less than men.

Sallie Krawcheck, once the ‘most powerful woman on Wall Street,’ says her startup Ellevest doesn’t ’empower’ women ̵...

Ellevest founder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck shares the lessons she learned from a career as a top Wall Street executive, and why her experience inspired her to change the way women approach investing their money.
Be prepared for a new way of working.

How jobs and careers will change in 2018, according to an ex-Google exec, a business school professor, and a ‘Shark Tank’ investor

LinkedIn gathered predictions from experts in a range of fields about the changes we should expect to see in our offices come 2018.

Wall Street alum whose startup raised $34 million says the best career advice came from her mom, ‘who never worked a day outside the home in her...

In an interview with The M Dash blog at MM LaFleur, Sallie Krawcheck said her best advice didn't come from someone in the finance world.

Wall Street alum Sallie Krawcheck just raised $34 million for her investing platform — here’s what it’s like to use it

Ellevest helps female investors prioritize their financial goals and make money in the markets.

A startup led by one of the most senior women on Wall Street decided to troll Trump

Sallie Krawcheck's Ellevest isn't worried about turning off some consumers in taking a stance on Trump.