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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi arriving in Sun Valley.

Millionaires, billionaires, and tech titans are swarming to Sun Valley, Idaho — here’s a look at who’s attending Allen & Co....

The annual Allen & Company Conference is an opportunity for executives, founders, moguls, and investors to talk business and the economy, and to relax and unwind in Sun Valley, Idaho. Here's a look at who's attending this year.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

16 of the biggest leaders in Silicon Valley reveal the one thing they would tell their teenage selves

Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and various other leaders in the tech industry have been asked the question "What would you tell your younger self?" in interviews over the years. Here's what they said.

One of the biggest VCs in Silicon Valley thinks he’s found a way to unite liberals and conservatives over basic income

The idea of basic income has exploded in popularity over the last couple years, and Sam Altman is one of many in the tech world to explore it.
Y Combinator president Sam Altman.

People in Silicon Valley are losing their minds after a famous investor said its culture is bad for startups

"It's possible we have to allow people to say disparaging things about gay people if we want them to be able to say novel things about physics," Sam Altman said.
Stockton, California Mayor Michael Tubbs is leading the charge on a basic income experiment in his recovering town.

A California city is launching the first US experiment in basic income — and residents will get $6,000 a year

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs said that by August 2018 he hopes to enroll some of the city's 315,000 residents in a basic income program.

One of the biggest VCs in Silicon Valley is launching an experiment that will give 3,000 people free money until 2022

In a major basic income experiment, Y Combinator will select 3,000 people across two states to receive a monthly sum of cash for up to five years.

Reddit’s valuation is now approaching $2 billion

The San Francisco-based website raised $200 million from a group of big-name Silicon Valley investors.

A 32-year-old investor with ties to Elon Musk wants to upend America with his crazy, utopian plan for the future

Sam Altman is the president of Silicon Valley's largest startup incubator, but his visions for humanity's future go far beyond northern California.

The head of Silicon Valley’s largest startup accelerator is recruiting candidates for the 2018 California elections

Sam Altman is looking to support potential candidates for the 2018 California elections, and he's got a number of platforms ready to champion.

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and Bill Gates team up for a $30 million investment in petition site Change.org

A roster of tech all-stars including Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, and Sam Altman, have made a new $30 million investment in Change.org.