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WeWork cofounder Adam Neumann.

The WeWork IPO fiasco of 2019, explained in 30 seconds

Attempting to go public stirred up a lot of drama — in finances and leadership — for WeWork, the nine-year-old coworking company.
24 current and former Bustle Digital Group employees spoke to Business Insider about their view of company.

Insiders say morale at Bustle Digital Group is cratering as it quietly axes staff and loses focus

Nearly two dozen current and former employees told Business Insider that Bustle Digital Group is undergoing massive changes in direction and values.
WeWork's Adam Neumann is stepping down as CEO. It's been a wild ride.

Here’s everything we know about WeWork exec exits, huge layoffs, and more as the co-working giant looks to right itself after a failed IPO

The tides turned against WeWork after it misjudged appetite for an IPO at a mega-valuation. Now it's planning huge layoffs and unloading businesses.
Can you pass the CDL test?

America’s truck drivers have to ace this test before taking control of an 80,000-pound vehicle on the road — see if you can pass it

Can you pass the exam that America's truckers all take? You need an 80% before you can take the road.

Gamers say they’re earning more money on Facebook’s streaming platform than on Twitch and YouTube

Video game streaming is a hugely profitable industry, and Facebook Gaming is jumping in. Its partnered gamers say they're reaping the benefits, too.
WeWork's new co-CEOS, Artie Minson, left, and Sebastian Gunningham, are reportedly moving quickly to overhaul its management.

WeWork is now is said to be talking to JPMorgan about a $5 billion credit line and could run out of cash next month without it

The $5 billion amount is bigger than previously reported, and the length of time WeWork may have before running out of cash is significantly shorter.
Ex-Amazon workers are helping brands navigate the online retailer — and making profits in the process.

There’s a ‘revolving door’ at Amazon, where company insiders are ditching the retail behemoth to expose its inner workings and make ...

Brands large and small don't understand "Amazonspeak." A growing group of former Amazon executives are happy to guide them — for a price.
"It's basically a way to cost people money and save the company money," one employee said.

Lowe’s workers say morale is reaching an all-time low as the home-improvement giant rolls out changes to stores

Lowe's has made a number of major personnel moves in its stores in recent years. Employees aren't happy.
Interactive Brokers. Charles Schwab. TD Ameritrade. E-Trade. They're all going to zero online commissions.

Fidelity just eliminated online commissions — here’s everything we know about brokerages’ rapid-fire moves in the race to zero

The business of investing and trading online is undergoing an industry-wide shift, with many big brokerages cutting their commissions to zero.

Most Americans don’t know Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp

A majority of American adults performed poorly on a digital knowledge quiz, and many struggle with certain cybersecurity and privacy questions.