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The BlackBerry Key2 proves the world no longer needs a physical keyboard

The BlackBerry Key2 is hampered by a few design issues, but there's still plenty to love about it, like its focus on privacy and security; a solid, no-frills camera; and excellent battery life.

There’s one simple reason you should always buy Android phones directly from Google

Google has a huge advantage over everyone else when it comes to Android smartphones.
The iPhone X was the second-most-searched gadget of the year.

The iPhone 8 was the gadget everyone was Googling the most in 2017

Smartphones from Samsung, Google, and Apple dominated search in 2017.

Samsung just announced a more durable version of its Galaxy S8 smartphone with a bigger battery

Samsung on Monday officially announced the Galaxy S8 Active, a more rugged version of its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone.

New leaked photos claim to show Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The S8 Active will not have the edge-to-edge display that the original model is famous for, instead having flat screen with a thin black bezel around the edges.

Samsung has decided to release a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Galaxy S8

In a move that surely nobody asked for, Samsung has released a limited edition “Pirates of the Caribbean”-themed Galaxy S8 in China.

10 things the Samsung Galaxy S8 can do that the iPhone can’t

These features set Samsung's new Galaxy S8 apart from the most popular smartphone in the world, the iPhone.

The Galaxy S8 is a beautiful phone, but it’s also extremely fragile

You may want to reconsider if you weren't planning on getting a case for the Galaxy S8.