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This could be our first look at the Galaxy Fold’s rumored creasing issue that Samsung is supposedly trying to fix

There's a visible crease down the middle of this foldable smartphone, which looks a lot like Samsung's unreleased Galaxy Fold.

I tried Samsung’s $750 Galaxy S10e, and I’m convinced it could be the Android phone to beat

Samsung's Galaxy S10e is a great choice for those looking for a large-screened phone in a compact design.
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Korean pop group iKon appeared at a special Samsung event in New York City.

Samsung recruited the world’s top ‘Fortnite’ player for a tournament showing off their new smartphones

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and the Korean pop group iKon were special guests at Samsung's exclusive Manhattan event space.
The Galaxy S10 is an overhaul in design, performance, and features, all while maintaining the Samsung smartphone formula that makes its phones great.

The 20 best smartphones in the world

When it comes to smartphones, giant price tags don't always mean you're getting the best phone out there.

The Galaxy S10 is the better smartphone for taking photos compared to the iPhone XS, and it’s clear what Apple needs to add to its next iPhone

Both the Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS take nearly identical photos, but the Galaxy S10's ultrawide camera makes it indisputably better.

I used the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ for a week, and its five camera lenses are the reason I’d recommend it in a heartbeat

While I enjoyed using the phone, the standout feature was - hands down - the impressive camera.

Samsung already killed the notch with the Galaxy S10 — now it’s trying to design a ‘perfect full-screen’ phone

Samsung is developing an all-screen phone design with cameras underneath the display, eliminating the need for a hole punch or notch in front.

Samsung’s extra ‘ultrawide’ camera lens makes the Galaxy S10 stand out from all the other smartphones that already take great photos...

It's safe to say that most high-end smartphones have great cameras these days, but the Galaxy S10 differentiated itself.

Motorola’s upcoming ‘Razr’ foldable smartphone might not have the same high-end specs as flagship phones — but that’s no...

It means Motorola's "Razr" foldable smartphone will be much cheaper than foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei.

Samsung’s killer new Galaxy S10 camera feature has been used by another major smartphone maker since 2016

The option to take ultrawide photos like the Galaxy S10's third lens has been around for three years already.