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Niantic CEO John Hanke

The CEO behind ‘Pokémon Go’ says the company is cash-flow positive as it becomes worth almost $4 billion

Niantic, the creator of "Pokémon Go," is now worth almost $4 billion, thanks to a new investment of $245 million.

I went to the biggest tech show in the world after not going for the past 7 years — and I was surprised by how little had changed

The last time I went to CES was in 2012. In 2019, the Consumer Electronics Show has hardly changed.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple and Samsung put aside their war and signed a deal that will let people access iTunes on their smart TVs

Samsung will add an app to its TVs that lets users browse and play their existing iTunes movies and television shows.

Samsung’s latest laptops have a refreshed, modern look that makes them way more appealing

Samsung has realized that any laptop can have great specs, but it actually needs to look good, too.

Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S10 and official details on its first foldable smartphone at an event on February 20th

We'll finally get to see the new Galaxy S10 and the "very significant" changes that Samsung has promised — plus more details on its first foldable smartphone.

Samsung had a 5G smartphone prototype on display at CES and almost nobody noticed it

There was so little fanfare around the Samsung 5G prototype phone on display at CES that I almost thought I was seeing things.

Samsung’s new smartwatch is the answer to the Apple Watch for Android users — and its battery life is better

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch boasts many features to keep you up-to-date on the notifications you care about, track your health, and much more.
Samsung's "The Wall" TV is a 219-inch behemoth.

Samsung’s absurd 219-inch TV takes up an entire wall — thus its name, ‘The Wall’

And you thought that 146-inch Samsung TV last year was big? Think again!