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Samsung’s foldable phone might arrive in March for a whopping $1,770

Citing industry sources, South Korean news agency Yonhap News says the phone will be released with the 5G edition of the Galaxy S10.

Take a look at this video of Samsung’s new foldable smartphone in action

Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated Infinity Flex foldable smartphone on Wednesday.
Samsung's foldable smartphone can unfold like a book — from a smartphone into a tablet.

Samsung finally unveiled details about its foldable smartphone — here’s how it works

Samsung showed off a foldable smartphone that it created using a new type of display called "Infinity Flex."

Google confirmed that Samsung is unveiling its foldable smartphone — before Samsung had the chance to unveil it

Samsung is seemingly saving its foldable smartphone announcement until later in its keynote.

Samsung president says ‘we should really worry about ethics’ as artificial intelligence moves into your DNA

Samsung president Young Sohn: 'we should really worry about ethics' in artificial intelligence

Samsung is hinting that it will reveal its long-awaited foldable phone on November 7 — here are 11 things to expect from the Galaxy X

It looks like Samsung is ready to unveil — or at least offer a few details — about its foldable smartphone at its November developers' conference taking place on November 7.
The Royole FlexPai.

This little-known Chinese company beat Samsung in launching a foldable phone — and it actually works

Royole Corporation let journalists get hands-on with the FlexPai on Monday, and reviewers confirmed the tech works.

The 20 best smartphones in the world

When it comes to smartphones, giant price tags don't always mean you're getting the best phone out there.

8 things the $550 OnePlus 6T doesn’t have compared with phones that cost hundreds more

Check for yourself whether it's worth paying hundreds more for smartphones that come with extra features.

I pitted the spanking new Huawei Mate 20 Pro against my ancient Samsung Note 5 – and the results were surprising

Despite being three years old - ancient by phone standards - my battered old Samsung Note 5 still beat out the tech-advanced Huawei Mate 20 Pro in some areas.