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The redesigned Apple store on 5th Ave has a living wall.

Millennials love plants so much it’s convincing tech companies to replace office artwork with ‘living walls’

Tech companies are embracing millennial's interest in plants and wellness to attract talent encourage them to work longer hours.

The top 8 most popular Silicon Valley Airbnb listings tech workers book for business travel proves price and location are everything

When traveling for business Silicon Valley tech workers prefer low prices and convenient locations to other perks.

A deadly earthquake took place 30 years ago today in the San Francisco Bay Area — here’s what it was like to live through it, according to...

The Loma Prieta earthquake took place in the San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 1989. It killed 63 people and injured nearly 3,800 more.
Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Forget San Francisco: Here are 5 rising tech hubs across the US where housing is still affordable for software engineers

A recent study by Redfin reveals five emerging tech hubs across the US where software engineers with a median income can afford to buy a home.
Muybridge's panorama was probably sold widely in the 19th century, but today it's considered rare.

A vintage panorama of San Francisco in 1877 gives a rare look at the city before it was destroyed by an earthquake. The photos sold for $14,000.

Some San Francisco neighborhoods still look similar today, but many ornate mansions and cobblestone streets are gone.
The Float Lab in the San Francisco Bay.

A floating plastic island in the San Francisco Bay may offer a new way to protect coasts from floods. It could even house people inside.

As marine animals attach to the island, the structure could also help calm the ocean's current, which could protect the coast from flooding.

This eccentric $39 million San Francisco mansion could become the most expensive home ever sold in the city

If this mansion on San Fransisco's Gold Coast sells, it would tie the record for the most expensive home ever sold in the city.
Even high-earning workers in San Francisco can barely afford housing.

Here’s exactly how much more you’d have to earn to live a similar life in San Francisco

Cost of living is out of control in San Francisco and its surrounding suburbs compared to rest of the country. Here's how income compares.

The owner of the controversial ‘Flintstone House’ in Silicon Valley says the city discriminated against her after they called her house a ...

The owner of the Flintstone House in court that will allow her to challenge the town who called her house an eyesore.

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit south of San Francisco

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit west of Colma, which is just south of San Francisco. Colma is known as "The City of the Dead" because of its cemeteries