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This sketch made light of domestic abuse.

11 of the most controversial ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketches of all time

Some "Saturday Night Live" sketches haven't aged well.

8 ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers and actors that have dated superstars

Regulars on the NBC comedy show like Pete Davidson, Colin Jost, and Maya Rudolph have been romantically involved with well-known celebrities.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez did the challenge, as did Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon.

23 celebrities who have nailed the ‘Flip the Switch’ TikTok challenge

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez told fans to "wait for it" before swapping outfits in their viral flip.

Elizabeth Warren did the ‘Flip the Switch’ TikTok challenge on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and Drake responded

The challenge uses Drake's song "Nonstop," in which Drake sings "I just flipped the switch" in the opening lines.
Adam Driver hosted 'Saturday Night Live' and portrayed Jeffrey Epstein during the cold open.

Adam Driver appeared as Jeffrey Epstein in hell during his ‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open and joked about murder conspiracy theories

'Saturday Night Live' parodied Alan Dershowitz preparing for Trump's impeachment defense, which included a trip to hell to see Jeffrey Epstein.
Davidson was engaged to Ariana Grande for a few months from June 2018.

Pete Davidson says ‘the world wants to punch me in the throat’ for dating famous women

The comedian, whose previous girlfriends include Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale, is now believed to be dating the 18-year-old model Kaia Gerber.

‘Impeach me outside!’: Alec Baldwin’s Trump crashed ‘Saturday Night Live’ to give the Democratic debate the daytime show...

After surprise guests filled the debate stage, President Donald Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, turned out to be waiting backstage the entire time.
(L to R) Tracy Morgan, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock appeared for Murphy's historic opening monologue after 35 years on "Saturday Night Live."

Eddie Murphy’s historic return to ‘Saturday Night Live’ after 35 years was interrupted by three of his long-time peers for a hilario...

Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, and Dave Chappelle all joined Eddie Murphy for a funny back-and-forth on "Saturday Night Live" with musical guest Lizzo.
"Saturday Night Live's" Kyle Mooney as the hit character Baby Yoda from "The Mandalorian."

‘Saturday Night Live’ had a horrifying take on Baby Yoda that involved Kyle Mooney and an impressive makeup look

On 'Saturday Night Live's' Weekend Update segment with Michael Che, Kyle Mooney emerged as a frightening portrayal of Baby Yoda.
Jennifer Lopez wore the updated version of her iconic green Versace dress while hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Jennifer Lopez brought back her iconic Versace dress on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Jennifer Lopez wore an updated version of her iconic green Versace dress again while hosting "Saturday Night Live."