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I’m a financial planner — here’s what I tell people who ask if they’re saving enough money

Most savings advice is well-intentioned, but there's a disconnect between advisers and advisees.
If you're dreaming of owning a house, you'll want to be strategic with your savings — and you might want to consider a savings account.

The best place to save money for a down payment keeps your cash safe but growing — up to 200 times as much as a regular savings account

In a high-yield savings account, you aren't exposing your cash to risk when you don't have the timeline to wait it out, but it's still growing.
What should you do with your savings? First, invest in your long-term financial health.

A financial planner shares her best advice to save more money — and what to do with that cash once you’ve saved it

Wondering what to do with your savings? A financial planner say the first priority is high-interest debt, and then an emergency fund.
Sean, who goes by "The Money Wizard," has never stuck to a budget. (He is not pictured.)

I saved over $285,000 in my 20s without ever making a budget thanks to a laughably easy strategy I use instead

Sean, who goes by "The Money Wizard," has never stuck to a budget. Instead, he simply tracks his spending using the Numbers app on his iPhone.
The best place to save a down payment is somewhere you can access it when you need it.

The best place to save money for a down payment on a house, according to a financial planner

The best place to save a down payment for a home isn't always where it grows the fastest — it's where the money will be available when you need it.
As Warren Buffett put it, "There is nothing wrong with getting rich slowly."

A financial planner says a critical habit for building wealth seems obvious, but most people don’t do it

If you want to build wealth long-term, there's no replacement for patience. It's all about the long game in saving and investing.
The author is not pictured.

The money-saving philosophy I’ve used since college has helped me buy the things I truly want

Seven years later, my philosophy of delayed gratification has helped me do everything from save for retirement to pay off my mortgage.

Saving money is a good start, but where you keep those savings can matter even more

Saving money in a traditional checking account doesn't cut it. Depending on your situation, savings accounts, mutual funds, and CDs can be better.
Automating your finances means you don't have to think about them all the time. The author is not pictured.

After more than a decade fine-tuning my finances, here’s my 4-step process to make building wealth automatic

Automating your bill payments, savings, and investments sounds harder than it is, and it's a smart step on the path to build wealth.
Increasing your income is a long-term strategy for wealth creation.

Experts say 95% of money advice focuses on the wrong thing

Saving money isn't the sole ingredient in building wealth. If you can increase your income, the benefit will be much greater.