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Cities around the US are flooding at high tide and on sunny days at record rates — here’s what it’s like

Tidal floods are a preview of what's to come as seas continue to rise. What happens during high tides now will happen on a regular basis in the future. Floods are expected to happen 60% more often this year than they did in the year 2000.
A rendering of two of nine floating villas by Waterstudio in Zeewolde, Netherlands.

These half-million-dollar floating villas can withstand Category 4 hurricanes

Construction on nine floating homes in the Netherlands will finish this month. Designed by Waterstudio, the villas are designed to withstand storms.
Inside a City App classroom.

These floating buildings are made from thousands of plastic bottles that can withstand flooding

The Amsterdam-based architecture firm Waterstudio has designed floating buildings, envisioned for low-income communities vulnerable to sea level rise.
A rendering of a floating island home off the coast of Dubai.

Dubai is getting these stunning $23 million floating villas that can withstand flooding

Waterstudio, a Dutch architecture firm known for is floating structures, designed 33 private villas on artificial islands off the coast of Dubai.

The world faces a future of floods, famine, and extreme heat — here’s how we survive

We're now face-to-face with the volatile climate, intense heat waves, and large-scale storms scientists predicted decades ago. Now what?
The Mars Lunar Greenhouse is designed to supply 100% of the air and 50% of the food an astronaut needs for 2 years.

To survive on Mars, we need a ‘technology that replaces what the Earth does.’ This tube might be NASA’s best hope.

NASA wants to visit Mars, and Elon Musk and SpaceX want to colonize it, but traditional life support systems will quickly run out of food, water, air, and other supplies. Plants and bacteria can recycle astronaut waste while growing them food to eat, an approach called bioregenerative life support.
An illustration of SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket helping to colonize Mars.

Mars colonists will get blasted with radiation levels 8 times higher than government limits — here’s what they’re up against

High-energy space radiation will threaten the Mars colonies that Elon Musk hopes to establish with SpaceX, as well as astronaut outposts planned by NASA.
Some of the corals here are already bleaching, losing their color, which is a sign that they're being stressed by heat or acidity.

Half of the Great Barrier Reef has died since 2016 — here’s what happens if all coral reefs on Earth die off

Without coral reefs, there could be a rippling ecosystem collapse in the oceans, with devastating effects on the planet.
A scene from the movie "The Martian," which is based on a fictional yet realistic outpost on planet Mars.

A former NASA scientist says ‘The Martian’ movie ‘is completely doable.’ But Elon Musk’s city on Mars is another story.

The scenario in "The Martian" sci-fi book and movie "is completely doable," according to a former NASA scientist. But building a self-sustaining city on the red planet, as Elon Musk wants to do, is a far greater challenge than a stay of a year or two.