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Booking a trip last-minute can be expensive.

10 easy ways to save money on last-minute travel

Whether it's for a specific event or you're just itching to get out of town, we rounded up some money-saving tips for any last minute trip.
Learn how to save money as a teenager and build a savings habit early.

How to save money as a teenager so you can get yourself a car, pay for college, or take a trip

Want to know how to save money as a teenager? Start by opening a bank account, getting a job, and setting a goal for yourself.

6 ways to get richer without cutting out your daily coffee

Financial expert Ramit Sethi encourages people to focus on "big wins," like earning more money and aggressively paying off debt, to build wealth.
People who are good with money have clear goals.

4 things people who are good with money do every day

Being good with money means you're thoughtful and deliberate about the way you spend, save, invest, and earn.

6 ways you’re probably leaving money on the table on a daily basis

You're missing out on free money when you don't take advantage of the employer match in your 401(k) or use rewards credit cards for purchases.

The 17 best US cities to live a nice life and still save money, ranked

For those looking to save, cities across the midwest and in Texas tend to dominate this list. The top picks include Oklahoma City and El Paso.

The 7 hardest things you’ll ever have to do with your money

From saying 'no' to family asking for money to controlling your emotions, money experts say these are the hardest things you'll have to do.

7 signs your kids are actually learning about money

Signs your kids are learning about money include bringing it up in your daily life or asking questions you're not quite sure how to answer.

9 signs you probably aren’t saving enough money

Even if you bring home a big paycheck, it doesn't mean you're building wealth. Here are nine tell-tale signs you're not saving enough money.

The 15 states where $1 million in retirement savings won’t last for 2 decades

For those retiring in California, Hawaii, New York, or Oregon, plan to save extra. In these states, $1 million won't last 20 years.