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A fifth of Americans say they have zero savings

About 21% of Americans have no money tucked away for unexpected costs, according to a new survey.

28 of the best end-of-season winter sales going on right now

We rounded up 28 of the best end of season and winter sales including clothes, tech, home goods, and more — so you don't have to do the searching.
If you don't know how to save money, start with identifying your goals.

How much money you should save depends on 3 things

If you don't know how to save money, start with identifying your goals. Then, figure out how much money those goals will cost you to achieve.
Use your FSA funds at the online FSA store before you lose them.

Here’s how to use your FSA dollars before you lose them — and get a discount on supplies you’d need to buy anyway

If you don't spend it, you lose it. But even if your FSA deadline is December 31, you likely have until March 15 before it's gone for good.
You can save more and retire earlier by following four key steps, according to early retiree Tanja Hester.

A woman who retired early at 38 says 4 strategies can help anyone save big without pinching pennies

You can accelerate your way to early retirement using a four-step strategy, according to one early retiree.

UOB is going after Asean’s millennials with a digital bank called TMRW – and its biggest draw could be a game that levels-up with savings

Do you find banking fun? UOB is hoping its new digital bank - which comes with its own mobile game - will be the answer to that.
Making a poor investment decision can hurt at any age, but especially as you near retirement.

The worst thing to do with your money in your 60s, according to a financial planner

When you reach the decade of retirement, the worst thing you can do with your money revolves around your investments, according to one CFP.

16 influencers share their best money tips for 2019

If your New Year's resolution is to make your money grow, this is for you.
Some things are worth splurging on ever single time.

6 things people who are good with money always splurge on

Money allows you to live the life you want to live, if you spend it right. Here are six things, from a financial expert, that are worth your money.
Saving money is easier than you thought.

12 clever ways to save money every day, according to financial experts

Here are 12 unusual ways you can save money every day, including removing stored credit card numbers and implementing a 48-hour rule for spending.