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Not all "Bachelor" scandals have been caught on camera.

10 of the biggest off-camera scandals in ‘Bachelor’ history

"The Bachelor" provides lots of drama on-screen but sometimes not all the drama is caught on camera. These scandals happened behind the scenes.

If you’re feeling less comfortable sharing photos to Facebook, here’s why you should try Apple’s solution instead

Compared to Facebook, Apple offers a more elegant and private solution to sharing photos with friends and family.
A screenshot of Matthew Meehan's dress shoes covered in dog feces.

The 18 most shocking airline stories of 2018

Several shocking stories featuring bad behavior by either passengers or crew members made headlines this year.

12 of the biggest money scandals and scams of 2018

Many money-related scandals happened this year. From Anna Delvey to Fortnite V-bucks, here are some of the reported and alleged money scams of 2018.

11 of the most controversial royal couples of all time

The royals have a mixed history when it comes to dating and getting married. Princess Diana and Prince Charles are only one of many royal relationships that's famously controversial. Here are some of the most controversial royal marriages and relationships of all time.

Here’s a state-by-state breakdown of Facebook users impacted by the Cambridge Analytica scandal

A total of 87 million Facebook users were affected by Cambridge Analytica, and 70 million of them were in the US. What percent of the people in your state did the data analytics company obtain information from?

Here are all the questions Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t answer during this week’s congressional hearings

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had been preparing for the hearings for weeks, but some of the inquiries required responses he just couldn't give on the spot.

Some Facebook employees are reportedly quitting or asking to switch departments over ethical concerns

Some engineers are reportedly leaving Facebook, citing moral concerns following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Most Facebook users believe Facebook will have a negative impact on society within 10 years

More people have feelings of antipathy towards Facebook than they do towards Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple combined.

A former Facebook employee who was responsible for monitoring data breaches has come forward about the way Facebook handles user data, calling its pra...

Sandy Parakilas was a platform operations manager back when third-party apps could scrape the data themselves.