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Steve Mormoris worked at beauty company Coty for 15 years before he decided to open up his own business, EDGE Beauty.

The Style Series: This entrepreneur is trying to disrupt the fragrance industry by tapping into e-commerce and DTC brands — and he’s alrea...

Steve Mormoris, formerly an executive at beauty giant Coty, is hoping to partner with "different artists who express themselves in an olfactory way."
All of these scents pair best with the sight of falling leaves and chunky sweaters.

The 13 best fall candles to buy for your home

Fill your home with the scent of apple orchards, maple syrup, and pumpkin everything with options from Target, Anthropologie, Homesick, and more.
The boutique Diptyque is famous for its candles that smell like cities from all over the world.

You can now buy candles that smell like your favorite cities, from Tokyo to NYC

Diptyque's "City Candle" collection is available online and in stores for a limited time, featuring nine scents based on cities around the world.
Vector, by Lockheed Martin.

The US defense contractor building the F-35 says it has bottled the smell of space for a weird new fragrance

Want to know what space smells like? Want to smell like space? Now you can, because one of America's top defense contractors has put it in a bottle.
Without sight, this would be a lively intersection and not a breathtaking view.

Dogs see the world very differently from human beings — here’s how it works

For dogs, the primary sense is actually scent — not sight.

Why every guy should own more than one kind of cologne

Every man should have a "scent wardrobe."