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A class called "Biotech for Non-Scientists" teaches people in the healthcare industry about basic science, including through a lab where they extract DNA from fresh strawberries.

We took the two-day, $1,300 ‘biotech for dummies’ class where healthcare executives, HR managers, and investors catch up on science for th...

At a recent class, a room of buttoned-up professionals from some of the world's biggest companies were mashing up strawberries and giggling.
Without sight, this would be a lively intersection and not a breathtaking view.

Dogs see the world very differently from human beings — here’s how it works

For dogs, the primary sense is actually scent — not sight.
Early in her career, the Stasi attempted to recruit Merkel to spy for them.

Angela Merkel will serve 4 more years as the chancellor of Germany — here’s how ‘the new leader of the free world’ got where s...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel got her start as a research scientist in East Germany.

Snapchat’s new filter in honor of Marie Curie gives you a full face of makeup — and people aren’t happy

Snapchat's new filter to celebrate International Women's Day is causing outrage on Twitter.

27 amazing photos that show what it was like to work for NASA throughout the years

Here are 27 incredible photos of NASA astronauts and employees dating back to 1959