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Uber warns its big push into scooters and e-bikes is creating unusual new headaches and risks for the company

Uber's e-bike and scooter risks include rider incompetence, failure to use protective gear, careless steering, poor maintenance, and legal hurdles.

Lime confirms its raising another $300 million round that raises its valuation to a whopping $2.4 billion

Scooter companies have been growing like crazy and there's no end in sight.
A Lime public affairs employee greets pedestrians outside Lime's pop-up over the weekend.

Lime has a new, rugged scooter that the company says is built for New York City roads

After product recalls and entire markets shut down by winter, Lime is trying to conquer scooter rental’s final frontier: America’s largest city.
Jump was bought by Uber in April.

Uber’s next big idea is self-driving scooters and bikes

Uber is already hiring for the new division, which is called "micromobility robotics."
Jump appears to be gearing up for expansion.

Uber’s bike and scooter company appears to be expanding around the world ahead of its IPO

Jump is hiring in London, Amsterdam, Miami, and more. Earlier this month, its CEO told Business Insider to expect "a massive ramp-up in scale" soon.
Brad Bao, cofounder and executive chairman of Lime, speaks with Business Insider's deputy executive editor Cadie Thompson.

Lime’s co-founder drops some big hints about the scooter company’s plans to increase safety features

The company eventually wants to detect if you're riding on a sidewalk to protect pedestrians.
Rachel Holt, head of New Modalities at Uber, and Ryan Rzepecki, the founder of Jump Bikes, speak during Business Insider's IGNITION conference 2018.

Uber is betting that its global empire will be key to winning the bike and scooter wars

Two executives explain how bikes, scooters, and transit are the future of Uber's continued growth.

E-scooters are sending dozens of people to emergency rooms — and the companies appear to have a double standard when it comes to safety

Gruesome injuries from riding e-scooters are popping up left and right across the country.

New York City could finally make electric bikes and scooters legal — and Bird is already gearing up to launch

The same day a bill was introduced to legalize e-scooters, job postings appeared on Bird's website for operations managers in New York City.

Electric scooter firm Lime reportedly smeared rival Bird with the same PR firm Facebook used to discredit critics

Definers Public Affairs sent emails on behalf of electric scooter company Lime, TechCrunch reports.