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One of the drones being used to ferry PPE to the Isle of Mull.

The UK is using this drone to deliver coronavirus tests and PPE to a Scottish island

The trial will last for two weeks, and significantly will involve drone pilots flying the devices out of their line of sight.

Scotland is considering a universal basic income. Here’s why countries are putting cash directly in the hands of workers as the pandemic continu...

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the "time has come" to look at cash handouts to solve the economic consequences of the pandemic.
General view of Castlebay the largest settlement in Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Scottish leaders are begging people to stop crowding the country’s remote islands to hide from the coronavirus

Lawmakers say some people have fled to the Scottish highlands in caravans or retreated to their vacation homes to self-isolate from coronavirus.
Silver Swan Recruitment is looking for a couple to manage a vacation property on the Isle of Skye for the summer.

You and your partner can escape to a remote Scottish island and get paid to manage a vacation property for the summer

The Isle of Skye is looking for a couple to manage a vacation property on the island from April to October 2020.

A Scottish lawmaker wants to force Trump to explain how he could afford 2 golf courses he owns in the country

A Scottish lawmaker wants to employ new "unexplained wealth orders" to investigate President Donald Trump's golf courses in the country.
This mansion has been sitting empty for 70 years.

11 abandoned mansions around the world that likely used to be worth millions

Some of the most expensive and lavish homes ever built have fallen into disrepair after being abandoned for various and often tragic reasons.

‘There are massive risks’: One of the world’s top engineers explains why Boris Johnson’s planned bridge from Scotland to North...

Boris Johnson's bridge across the Irish Sea would risk catastrophic collisions and could dislodge a million tonnes of unexploded bombs.
There is a remodeled airship for rent through Airbnb in the Scottish Highlands.

You can spend the night in a remodeled airship located in the Scottish Highlands

The tiny space features a living room, a kitchenette, and a patio that offers guests close-up views of the Scottish coast.
The Oresund bridge is reportedly the inspiration for Boris Johnson's proposed bridge from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

Boris Johnson is deadly serious about building a £20 billion bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland, which one engineer described as being ...

One offshore engineer said that "no sane contractor or responsible government" would attempt to build such a bridge.
Seton Castle in East Lothian, Scotland.

An 18th century Scottish castle with ties to a beheaded queen is on the market for $10 million — here’s a look inside

Today, the restored property (once the site of Mary, Queen of Scots' "preferred residence") has its own cinema and a 10,000-bottle wine cellar.